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BAD TOUCH have released their new album 'Shake A Leg'

Bad Touch are pleased to announce the release of their new studio album “Shake A Leg” released worldwide on Friday 5th October 2018.

Their highly anticipated third album “Shake A Leg” was recorded in Bad Touch’s home county of Norfolk at Orange Tree Studios. Engineered, produced and mixed by Andy Hodgson, the new album follows their critically acclaimed 2016 release “Truth Be Told” which featured the rock radio hit “99%”. The new album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

“Shake A Leg” takes a more personal and ambitious approach in both song-writing and production due to the bands choice to write more spontaneously within the studio itself resulting in more emotional ‘in-the-moment’ performances. “Shake A Leg” features 13 hand-picked songs that originate from a collective of all the members influences which they proudly wear on their sleeve.

“We wanted to the album to embody songs that not only sounded fresh and exciting, but also communicated lyrics that meant something to us on a personal level that our fans could identify with,” says guitarist Rob Glendinning.

The concept behind the making of “Shake A Leg” represents the band’s relentless touring schedule and their gradual rise to generating a loyal and dedicated following. Known by fans and critics alike for having a reputation as a busy and hard-working band, Bad Touch continue to tour far and wide and are looking forward to playing tracks from the new album when they tour the UK in October and November.

“Bad Touch are genuinely excited to sign with Marshall Records,” says the band’s rhythm guitarist Daniel Seekings. “We’re overwhelmed by their support and looking forward to a long-term partnership with great plans for the future. The fact that the label is also affiliated with Marshall Amplification means there’s going to be lots of synergy.”

“Bad Touch are super fun, super cool and they totally rock,” says producer Andy Hodgson of Orange Tree Studios. “Being a producer, we are prone to abuse, but these guys took it easy on me. Bad Touch were amazing to work with. This album is going to be huge.”

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