DOLLS RAIDERS to launch 'Free Yourself' via Mighty Music Dec. 14th

For the past 4 years, Dolls Raiders has taken the stage across the Toulouse region’s Rock Scene with its ravaging yet melodic Hard Rock n’ Roll. The band has also shared the stage with many known bands such as Furious Zoo and Satan Jokers. It all started January 10th of 2015, when the Dolls Raiders performed at Satan fest in Paris under their original name: Iron Cobra. Shortly thereafter, the band chose to change its name to Dolls Raiders and began composition of its first album. The band musical style is inspired by Glam, Hard and Classic Rock, with an ever-present dash of Heavy Metal. Christophe (guitarist) composes the music, Nicolas (singer) writes militant English lyrics, and Richard (drummer) and Claude (bassist) ensure a tenacious rhythm and play their role in song creation. In 2017, the group began recording their first sound takes in order to put together their first album: Free Yourself. Following a year of hard work, this album’s 10 original songs wherein shredding guitar solos, catchy choruses, and solid rhythms combine to create a masterful mix, were finally recorded. Free Yourself with its punchy sound and excellent production will be the launched via Denmark's Mighty Music.


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