Get Ready For the Self-Titled Debut Album From REAR NAKED CHOKE

The self titled album, Rear Naked Choke, is the bands first full length release. It was recorded and produced by CJ Pierce of the group Drowning Pool.

The tracking for the album took place over the course of about 18 months starting in mid 2015. The length of time for the recording was mostly due to working with CJ’s busy schedule commitments, but the end results were worth the time spent on it.

The 10 tracks (plus 5 bonus tracks) that comprise the album reflect the varied styles and influences that comprise the Rear Naked Choke sound. You’ll find heavy hitting metal in songs like Nothing To Me and I Will Rise, some southern swing in songs like Suicide Betsy, Red, White & Texas, SWAP and A Toast To Dime as well and some emotionally fueled power with Mike’s Song, WarDrum and BetterMan. You’ll also find a high energy version of the song Shine (originally by Collective Soul). The album was recorded, produced and Mixed by CJ Pierce at his Ravens Nest Studio. Mastering was done by Ari M, who’s worked with Otep and many more.

The expanded edition also includes radio edits of the songs I Will Rise and Sex With A Psycho, the demo versions of Suicide Betsy and Red, White & Texas. There is also a live version of a new song called Dramacide.

Track Listing:\ 01. I Will Rise | 02. WarDrum | 03. Shine (Collective Soul cover) | 04. Suicide Betsy | 05. Mike’s Song | 06. Nothing To Me | 07. A Toast To Dime | 08. Sex With A Psycho | 09. Red, White & Texas | 10. BetterMan | 11. I Will Rise (radio edit) | 12. Sex With A Psycho (radio edit) | 13. Suicide Betsy (demo version) | 14. Red, White & Texas (demo version) | 15. Dramacide (live)

CJ Pierce also makes a guest appearance trading off solos on the song Red, White & Texas. BetterMan features the groups original lead guitarist, and original founding member, Mike Morgan. Mike unfortunately passed away after a battle with cancer in 2014, but they were lucky enough to have the original recording of the song that CJ remixed for the album.

Rear Naked Choke are: Mick Taylor – Vocals | Chris Summers – Guitar | Paul Kidd – Drums | Don Bruton – Bass


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