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EX-Hardcore Superstar guitarist to release new album 'The Gospel According To Thomas'

"The Gospel According To Thomas" is the representation of a symbolic and real travel in the abyss of the human being and in his purification.

Thomas Silver put in his music all the struggle of a sensitive man that looks for his place as an artist.

From the split with his former band with all the related pain and ghosts, to an enlightened return as a new musician and man, an unmissable album and experience of rock and roll.

  1. Caught Between Worlds

  2. Public Eye

  3. Minor Swing

  4. D-Day

  5. Coming In, Going Under

  6. Time Stands Still

  7. Bury The Past

  8. On A Night Like This

  9. Mean Town

  10. Not Invited

  11. All Those Crazy Dreams

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