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TEXAS METAL OUTLAWS Feat. Jason McMaster release debut album on limited vinyl

TEXAS METAL OUTLAWS is an all-star project that keeps one foot in the past while making a huge leap into the future of killer Texas metal. Four years in the making, Texas Metal Outlaws features a stable of musicians instantly familiar to any true fan of the classic Texas scene.

Masterminded by Ignitor/Witches Mark guitarist Robert Williams, the full-length LP features performances by Jason McMaster (WatchTower, Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth), Mike Soliz (Militia, Assalant), Stuart Laurence (Ignitor, Agony Column), Donnie Van Stavern (S.A. Slayer, Riot), James Rivera (Helstar), Larry Barragan (Helstar), Al Berlanga (Syrus), Mark Zamarron (Las Cruces), Felix Griffin (D.R.I.), and a host of other surprises.

Presented on translucent ‘Orange Crush’ vinyl and highly limited splatter vinyl, look for the album to be released in early Fall 2018.

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