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ALPHA TIGER Calls It Quits: Farewell Show November 17th

The band released this official statement : Farewell!In Life, unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan and if you do not know how to initiate a difficult topic, it is usually better to make it short and painless. That's why we stop!The reasons for this are extremely versatile and believe us that the decision is not lightly. We had many great years in which we wrote 4 albums and were allowed to meet many great people, musicians, bands, roadies, producers, organizers and fans. We have met the good but also the bad sides of the music, the music has enabled us to see the world and play at the coolest festivals! It was amazing...We know we haven't always made it easy for you, especially fans of the first hour have certainly had to fight with one or other option! That is why we want to thank the people who supported us from the first to the last day and respected our urge for musical development.A very special thank you to Benji, who gave us a new life after the exit of Stephan and made us this last chapter of the band.We all go apart in good and now follow other individual goals. The common time will always connect us.But, of course, we don't want to get out of the picture This is why we are throwing a big abschiedskonzert on 17.11 in the barn Dresden with many old friends and all former band members! So it will be a great reunion and time travel through our complete musical history, which began in 2007 as Satin Black. We're counting on you to make us say goodbye to the night. So you'll have to write the date fat in the calendar.We had a quiet premonition when writing the last album, which ultimately culminated in the song "the last encore", the end of the record. We think this song says more than an endless long statement full of phrases and empty words, which you've read a thousand times elsewhere. So please take a moment.Thanks!!!


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