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SKULL FIST - Two New Lyric Videos & One Digital Single Released

The Canadian heavy metal heroes SKULL FIST are set to unleash their third album, "Way Of The Road" on October 26th, 2018t through NoiseArt Records.

Today, the band presents two brand new songs. The second digital single "No More Running" is out now. Pre-order the album digitally and receive "No More Running" and the first single "You Belong To Me" instantly or stream the songs.

"No More Running" is also available now as a lyric video

As a special gift for all the fans, the band has released a second lyric video today.

Listen to the brand new song "Stay True" here:

The band states:

"Two mellower tracks from the new record. We feel like they sorta belong together and just couldn't decide which to release so went with both of em. They're pretty chilled out tracks. Don't worry though, we didn't go soft, just had some shit we wanted to get off our chests. There's some real heavy stuff in the record as well."

The video of the first single "You Belong To Me" can be seen here:

Check also out the first album trailer:

Pre-order "Way Of The Road" HERE.

"Way Of The Road" tracklisting:

1. You Belong to Me

2. No More Running

3. I Am a Slave

4. Witch Hunt

5. Way of the Road

6. Heart of Rio

7. Better Late Than Never

8. Don't Cross Me

9. Stay True

A strong moral compass in battle with even stronger drinks

When SKULL FISTset off their first riffs and deliver their third studio album full of authenticity, honesty and shady lyrics, it feels like drowning in a sea of confusing heavy metal morality. The quartet from Toronto, Canada are locked in a life long struggle with a twist on nostalgic heavy metal and a persistent desire for spiritual glory and personal peace. Relight the fire that was started with the debut record and take another step further with every note and word of the new nine song album "Way Of The Road".


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