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THE RON KEEL BAND Complete Recording Sessions For New Album 'Fight Like A Band'

Ron Keel posted the following on his Facebook page: We planted another major mile marker along the journey of my life today, as we officially completed recording sessions for our new album FIGHT LIKE A BAND.

It is with deep emotions and great satisfaction that I write this. There is some work still to be done – mixing the album, releasing it, promoting it, and touring to support it. We started tracking this thing April 29: we are way behind schedule and way over budget, but everything happens the way it’s supposed to. And after several decades in this business and dozens of album credits under my belt, I embrace the opportunity to celebrate this victory.

To the men who have stood by me and busted their asses for nearly four years now as my band – I thank you and I love you. Bassist Geno ‘El Diablo’ Arce, lead guitarist Dave ‘DC’ Cothern, drummer Jeff ‘The Rev’ Koller, and keyboardist Scott‘Dakota Scott’ Schmitt, and our brother/guitarist Steve Doc Purcell– as well as our co-producer/partner/recording engineer Mike Dresch – you guys have been my rock, my support group, my reason to FIGHT LIKE A BAND. Through the writing, rehearsing and recording of this album, we have fought through every adversity and have created a collection of songs that will live forever in my heart, and this project will always be a highlight of my life and my career.

I want to thank David Ellefson & Thom Hazaert at EMP Label Group for taking a chance on us and giving us the latitude to make OUR album – not a Keel album, not another Metal Cowboy album, but a RON KEEL BAND album. This music and these songs hold a special place in my heart and my history, and I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to share my feelings, my voice, my scars, and my energy with anyone who may care to listen.

Saying “OK, we’re done” is one of the toughest parts of any album session, because the process is so intoxicating. Tonight, I said to my guys “We’re done,” – but I promise you this: we’re just getting started. We are going to FIGHT LIKE A BAND as long as there are new dreams to conquer and new challenges to overcome.

Track Listing:

Road Ready Fight Like A Band Rock N Roll Guitar Long Way Down Girls Like Me Hearts Gone Wild Fire In The Rain Hey Man Old School Just A Cowboy Good Songs Bad Times

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