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SLASH Releases Live-Action, Animated Video For 'Driving Rain'

SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS have released the new video for "Driving Rain", featuring hilarious live-action, animated adventure with ragdoll puppets. The song is the first single from SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS' new album, "Living The Dream", which was released on September 21 via Slash's own label Snakepit Records, in partnership with Roadrunner Records.

"Living The Dream" is Slash's fourth solo album, and third with Slash and his bandmates Myles Kennedy (vocals), Brent Fitz (drums), Todd Kerns (bass and vocals) and Frank Sidoris (guitar and vocals).

Slash describes creating the fun clip: "The idea behind doing an animated video for 'Driving Rain' is mostly due to the dark subject matter of the song influencing directors to come up with very dramatic, dark and sullen regular live action treatments that weren't any fun at all (no offense to those guys). So, I wanted to create something that could be tongue-in-cheek and yet still be dark with live-action animation. We're all big fans of Stoopid Buddy and they came up with a great concept and treatment. We love the video and it came out effin' brilliant. FYI, no puppets were harmed during the making of this video."

"Our whole team at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios was beyond excited to work with Slash, Mylesand those hard rocking CONSPIRATORS," explains John Harvatine IV, creative director and co-founder. "We had a blast creating a dramatic heart-pounding music video with rag-doll-like rod puppets and adrenaline-filled RC Jeeps. From this moment forward, 'Driving Rain' is now the 'Citizen Kane' of music videos!"

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