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COLD SWEAT 'Break Out' to be re-issued via Vanity Music Group

Vanity Music Group is set to release a the cult classic album from Los Angeles' COLD SWEAT, featuring marc Ferrari from Keel, Erik Gamans (Waysted) and Chris McLernon (later of Saigon Kick. The album has been fully remastered and is available for pre-order here

Following his departure from Keel, US guitarist Marc Ferrari assembled his own band, but not without a series of problems. The initial choice of name, Ferrari, encountered objections from the famous car manufacturers, despite the fact that it was the guitarist’s surname, and second choice, Cryin’ Shame, clashed with that of a veteran jazz band. Hence, Cold Sweat, from a Thin Lizzy song, was finally adopted. To add to the difficulties, original vocalist Oni Logan was poached by ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch for his Lynch Mob band. Rory Cathey was recruited to join Ferrari, ex-Waysted guitarist Erik Gamans, bass player Chris McLernon and drummer Anthony White on Break Out. While Kevin Beamish’s production was a little too clean, the melodic hard rock material and performances on display were impressive, with some superb guitar interplay between Ferrari and Gamans. Cathey proved his worth as a frontman to complete a talented live act. However, despite some US touring with Dio and their own club performances, the album received little additional promotion, and disappeared. Ferrari later appeared in actress Tia Carrere’s backing band in the Wayne’s World movie.

Album release date: North America - 26 October, 2018

ROW - 16 November, 2018 (Reason: The CDs aren't expected to be in Germany until mid November)

01 - Four On The Floor 02 - Cryin' Shame 03 - Lovestruck 04 - Waiting In Vain 05 - Take This Heart Of Mine 06 - Killing Floor 07 - Riviera/Long Way Down 08 - Let's Make Love Tonight 09 - Fistful Of Money 10 - Jump The Gun 11 - I Just Want To Make Love To You


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