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WILD Release Their Third Album "Sin Piedad"

Wild comes to us from Spain. Their third release Sin Piedad (Without Mercy) was released earlier in the year by the band and as awesome as it is it’s no surprised a great metal label like Fighter records recognized that Wild needed to be unleashed to the world and signed them. Now they have released it and let me tell you, get ready to hear one of the best metal albums to come out this year. These guys are 100% pure metal and encompass all that makes metal great. They channel the power and fury of all the greats like Judas Priest, Raven, Exciter and ManoWar and slap their own awesome sound on it with a modern and heavy feel. The guitars are full of heavy riffs and awesome leads. The drums and bass beat your brains in and the vocals are the perfect fit for not only the band but for metal in general. The range Jose Garcia has is out of this world. The whole album rips your face off and there’s no way you don’t immediately start to bang your head. I’ve always said great music no matter what language it’s in crosses over and can be enjoyed by everyone and metal unites us all like nothing else can. Sin Piedad is all in Spanish but trust me, you will never be perplexed or have any thoughts of not cranking it weather you speak Spanish or not. Wild has come to conquer the world and with the new release they are well on their way. Don’t pass on this one, go and get it and long live heavy metal! (Groovy the Metal Chicken)

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