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THE BREW Release Official Video For "Gin Soaked Loving Queen"

The Brew will release their new album Art Of Persuasion on October 5th via Napalm Records. With their second single, and the official video for it, the band present a fuzzy killer tune named "Gin Soaked Loving Queen". While the whole seventh studio album is a masterpiece, this song stands apart from the rest of the album and foreshadows why this trio is regarded as one of Europes hottest live acts.

So, be curious about stepping out of your normal everyday life at one of their shows and reveal your own "Gin Soaked Loving Queen"! Or as The Brew would say: "We‘ve all got a gin soaked Queen inside us, it’s just a matter of finding the key to let her out!"

After six fine and varied studio albums and zero lineup changes, the trio presents Art Of Persuasion, their seventh masterpiece. While proudly displaying the band’s influences - from Led Zeppelin to Wolfmother - the record easily avoids schlocky retro clichés.

The Brew says about the recordings: “While making this record, we fell into the grooves of the tunes and we’re still trying to climb our way out.”

Art Of Persuasion will be available in the following formats:

- 1 CD Digipack - 1 LP Vinyl (Black) - 1 LP Vinyl (Gold) (Napalm Mailorder exclusive) - 1 LP Vinyl (Purple) (Napalm Mailorder exclusive) - Digital Album

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