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THE BAD SOMETHINGS Set To Release New Album on October 26th

“Be the voice of the New Generation!” exclaims The Bad Somethings’ Kenny Richie, in a big anthem like closing to end their debut album in fine fashion. From the opening riff of “Yeah,Yeah,Yeah” to the final chorus of “New Generation”, this album oozes seventies attitude and swagger, with just a hint of that eighties style hard rock thrown in for good measure.

Signed to upstart label Squib Kick Records, The Bad Somethings released a single last year called “Along For The Ride” which got some notable airplay on many indie and small radio stations worldwide. Moving forward the label decided to give them a full LP to get more of their music out in circulation. It’s easy to hear the influences on the album which obviously circle around that old, early KISS sound. I get a good vintage vibe from their debut and it’s easy to hear the band’s style right from the onset. It’s a modern vintage sound. It feels old and at the same time it feels new! Sprinkle a little Zeppelin, Stones and Cheap Trick in the mix and it seems they’ve found the formula to create a modern style, classic rock album!


1. Yeah,Yeah,Yeah

2. Let It Roll*

3. Along For The Ride

4. Oh Honey

5. Body Language Psychology

6. My Bike

7. High Speed King

8. End Of The Night

9. New Generation


All songs written and performed by The Bad Somethings

*Let It Roll written by: Keyworth/Jones

Originally recorded by Albatross 1975

Recorded at: Squib Kick Sounds

Produced by: Rob Richardson & David Barker

Engineered by: Rob Richardson

Mastered by: Dave Harris at Studio B (Charlotte, NC)



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