EHFAR launch Official Lyric VIdeo for "A Man Behind the Mask"

EHFAR have released the album’s first single "A Man Behind the Mask" in an impressive Lyric video, with the participation of a special guest as Oliver Hartmann (AT VANCE, AVANTASIA, IRON MASK). Watch the full video here:


After years spending time and writing for bands as DGM, ASTRA, ARTHUR FALCONE, MISTHERIA, TAKAYOSHI OHMURA, ARCHITECT OF CHAOZ, PHOENIX RISING, BADASS and more, Titta has create his personal project writing by himself a bunch of songs that will bring you in a journey into his deep thoughts. Titta decide to invite on board Emiliano Tessitore ( Stage Of Reality) and his Mezzbarba Amplifier and Overload guitars. He recorded stunning solos and amazing rhythm on the album except for the acustic moment made by Alex "Lex" Tricarico. Emiliano will be the right man, with Titta, to guide EHFAR. Bass recorded by Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, Marco Minnemann and others) and drums recorded by Denis "Denzi" Novello (solo artist). Devin Townsend, Muse, Queen are some of the main influences that you will find in the album. OLIVER HARTMANN (Avantasia) will duet, with his beautiful voice, with Titta in a song called A MAN BEHIND THE MASK.


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