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Helix 'Bastard of the Blues' To Be Released On Blue Marble Vinyl

Helix 'Bastard of the Blues' 13th studio album from Canadian rockers Helix. First time ever on vinyl.

This is the Blue Marble Edition of the LP limited to only 150 copies.

Release Date: October 5, 2018 Pressing Info: 500 pieces Pressing Specifics: 150 Blue Marble/350 Black

Pre orders come with limited edition album cover sticker and the first 50 pre orders come with an exclusive DCD (Download CD)

Track Listing:

Side A 1. Bastard of the blues 2. Even Jesus wasn't loved (in his hometown) 3. Winning is the best revenge 4. Screaming at the moon 5. Metal at midnight

Side B 1. Hellbound for a heartbreak 2. When all the love is gone 3. Axe to grind 4. Skin in the game 5. The bitch is a bullet 6. Sticks & stones


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