GRAVE DIGGER - Release Music Video For "The Power Of Metal"

German heavy metal legends GRAVE DIGGER released the official video for "The Power Of Metal" off their new album The Living Dead!

Chris Boltendahl on the new single:

"It's a song about Metal, about a life in the underground, about a life which is different. To be a metalhead is the greatest gift on earth - from the day you heard the first notes of a Judas Priest or Iron Maiden song, you´re addicted to this kind of music! The love and passion for metal makes you to a special person and the power of metal can heal. It makes you stronger and gives you a better life."

Watch the video for "The Power Of Metal" below

Track list: 01. Fear Of The Living Dead 02. Blade Of The Immortal 03. When Death Passes By 04. Shadow Of The Warrior 05. The Power Of Metal 06. Hymn Of The Damned 07. What War Left Behind 08. Fist In Your Face 09. Insane Pain 10. Zombie Dance 11. Glory Or Grave (Bonus Track)


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