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HEAVY GENERATION Unleash New Video 'Fire Steel Metal' From New Album 'The Spirit Lives O

Classic Italian heavy metal merchants, Heavy Generation, arrive with their brand new hard hitting, no-compromise opus, The Spirit Lives On. With 11 vibrant tracks, the band is truly putting the metal into their heavy sound in their first full-length feature.

The themes of The Spirit Lives On concern with mythology, honour, war and dystopia. The deep connection between spirit and nature, the denial of a corrupted society, the balance between passions of heart and the power of mind are the most important messages the band wants to spread.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Alpha Omega Studio. The artwork was created and edited by the artists Fabio Porfidia and Roberto Toderico.

And Heavy Generation don’t stop here. For the bands current live shows, the stage scenography and costumes are freely inspired by a post apocalyptic scenario, according to the albums themes. “The Spirit Lives On” indeed!

The Spirit Lives On | Released September 11th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing: 01. Born To Rock

02. Fire Steel Metal

03. No Control

04. Blood And Sand

05. Heavy Generation

06. Path Of Denial

07. My Spirit Lives On

08. Odin

09. Warriors

10. March Until The Grave

11. No More Mercy

Heavy Generation are: Ivan Giannini – Vocals | Fabio Cavestro – Guitars | Marco Marchioni – Bass | Marco Stefani – Drums

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