Listen to LEMMY'S guest appearance on LEADER OF THE DOWN's 'Paradise Turned To Dust'

Lemmy Kilmister, the founding member and frontman of the British heavy metal band MOTÖRHEAD, makes a guest appearance on LEADER OF DOWN's debut album, "Cascade Into Chaos", which will be released on September 28 via Cleopatra Records. He can be heard on the track "Paradise Turned Into Dust", the official music video for which can be seen below.

LEADER OF DOWN is the brainchild of Grammy-nominated former MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Michael "Würzel" Burston and bass player Tim Atkinson.

LEADER OF DOWN was formed in 2008 by Würzel and Atkinson, who busied themselves in a London rehearsal studio writing dozens of tracks in preparation for recording an album. They then recruited drummer Steve Clarke (ex-FASTWAY) to join the ranks and continue preparing for the studio sessions.

The name LEADER OF DOWN came from Würzel mishearing the lyrics to the STATUS QUOtrack "Down, Down". Würzel found this extremely funny as he had been singing the wrong words "Down Down, Leader Of Down" for over 30 years.

"Cascade Into Chaos" is named after a phrase that Würzel and Tim liked during the initial songwriting sessions. It seemed a very obvious choice and was the only title that the two of them ever really discussed.

The band started recording the initial tracks for the album which included a reworking of Würzel's solo release from the '80s, "People Say I'm Crazy". These initial sessions also included a track that was always intended for Lemmy to sing on, as Würzel said, "We think it would suit him". This track eventually became "Paradise Turned Into Dust", with Lemmyfinishing his recording at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles in 2015 shortly before his own passing, at a very emotional session with Tim Atkinson and Steve Clarke. It is unmistakably Lemmy Kilmister with his unique voice on "Laugh At The Devil".

Although there are several guest vocalists on the album such as Whitfield Crane (UGLY KID JOE), the lineup of LEADER OF DOWN is completed by vocalist Matt Baker and guitarist Alex Ward.

After Würzel's tragic death in 2011, LEADER OF DOWN continued to finish the album and enlisted the help of some friends to honor the great man, including Lemmy, Phil Campbell(who joined MOTÖRHEAD on the same day as Würzel in 1984), "Fast" Eddie Clarke (who has also sadly passed away beginning of 2018), Crane, Lee Richards (ex-GODSMACK), Bruce Foxton from THE JAM, and Cliff Evans from TANK.

Says Tim Atkinson: "It is a very bittersweet feeling now that the album is being released.

"It feels very strange without Würzel being here, and I know he would be thrilled with the final result.

"It was a real pleasure writing with Würzel, as we instinctively knew what both of us were thinking when we put our ideas forward.

"We always wanted Lemmy to sing on 'Paradise Turned Into Dust', and it was a very emotional session in Los Angeles when Lemmy completed the track and I just wish that Würzhad been there to see it.

"It was amazing that so many friends helped us to finish the album with guest appearances and I can only thank them from the bottom of my heart.

"To hear Phil playing with Würzel again was absolutely fantastic."

"Cascade Into Chaos" features 10 blockbusting tracks, all mixed by MOTÖRHEAD's Grammy-winning producer Cameron Webb at Maple Studios in California.

The album is, of course, a tribute to Würzel and the other fallen MOTÖRHEAD heroes but it is also just the beginning for LEADER OF DOWN, who, after a successful appearance at Hard Rock Hell, will embark on a tour with PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS in November 2018, and will be very busy next year, with live shows already planned.

"Cascade Into Chaos" track listing:

01. Paradise Turned Into Dust (Lemmy on vocals, Tim Atkinson on additional bass) 02. Cascade Into Chaos 03. People Say I'm Crazy 04. Serial Killjoy (Bruce Foxton on additional bass with Tim Atkinson)

05. Children Of Disease (Whitfield Crane on vocals, Lee Richards and Whitfield Crane on backing vocals, Phil Campbell on second guitar solo) 06. Snakebite ("Fast" Eddie Clarke on all guitars and vocals) 07. Punch And Geordie 08. Feel Good (Cliff Evans on first guitar solo) 09. The Killing Rain (the last song Würzel ever recorded) 10. Laugh At The Devil (Lemmy on vocals and all guitars by "Fast" Eddie Clarke)


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