Bon Scott had Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Leon Wilkeson ‘in mind’ for his solo album – recalls former AC/DC mem

Mark Evans formerly of AC/DC spoke with the Australian Rock Show Podcast and had the following to say about the Bon Scott solo album that never came to be. You can check out the full audio/video below.

Former AC/DC member Mark Evans recently recalled that vocalist Bon Scott had wanted to do a ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd – type’ solo album and had even picked out musicians, such as friend (and Lynyrd Skynyrd member) Leon Wilkeson for the project.

In his 2011 biography ‘Dirty Deeds’, Evans wrote that Bon had wanted to do a solo album ‘like Lynyrd Skynyrd kind of stuff, but real ballsy, something that swings’.

Speaking to the Australian Rock Show podcast, Evans (currently a member of Rose Tattoo) was queried further about Bon’s plans for a solo album….

“The last two times I was with him, he was very set in his ways – he wanted to do it – it would’ve made for a very interesting band meeting with AC/DC that one, when he said he wanted to do a solo album. It’s something he dearly wanted to do – but it definitely wasn’t the time to do it. He’d got so far as he’d picked a few people out who he’d wanted to play on it (the solo album project) and had spoken to a couple of guys – actually a couple of guys from Lynyrd Skynyrd, that wanted to work on it with him. I know that he also got on really well with bass player Leon (Wilkeson) that was the guy who he was probably closest to in the (Lynyrd Skynyrd) band. I know he would’ve had Leon in mind. He did have Leon in mind”.

Evans is about to embark on a run of European dates with Rose Tattoo, who were one time label mates with AC/DC.


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