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Hard Rocking Youngsters LILIAC Interview With

HBH: For those who don’t know, tell us about the band.

LILIAC: 1. We are a family rock band made up of 5 siblings: Samuel who is the lead guitarist, Abigail who is the drummer, Melody who is main vocalist and bass player, Ethan who is the rhythm guitarist, Justin who is the keyboardist. We are best known for performing at the Santa Monica pier every weekend.

HBH: How would you describe the sound of Liliac?

LILIAC: We are a hard rock/metal band with heavy riffs, melodic choruses, and hard hitting drums.

HBH: With the band’s lineup consisting of all siblings and having your dad as a producer. Can you talk about what the family aspect brings to the band?

LILIAC: Being a family has always been easy because we all have the same dream and we are working together to accomplish that dream. Since our dad is our producer and owns a recording studio, we are so fortunate to have him produce our music and record our songs. People always love it when they hear that we’re a family because we are united and we all share the same love of music. A family that rocks together stays together.

HBH: How did the band decide to cover ‘Crazy Train’ and ‘Wow?’

LILIAC: When we all heard the song Crazy Train we loved it and our dad said that we should learn it so we did and it came out great!​

HBH: Has the band played outside of it’s home state of California yet, and if not what are the bands touring plans for the future?

LILIAC: No, we haven’t played outside of California yet but we are currently working on our first original album and once it’s done, we will be touring.​

HBH: What can you tell us about the ‘Chain of Thorns’ video? You also mentioned that you would be filming for the next few days, is there a new video in the works?

LILIAC: "Chain of Thorns" video is special because it’s our first original song we released; this is the beginning of our original material. We have plenty of filming projects that are in the works, and one of them is a new music video of a cover song that will be coming out soon.​

HBH: Who are some of your musical influences?

LILIAC: We all have musical influences of the classic rock/metal bands. For example, Melody’s major influence is Ronnie James Dio’s voice in the band Dio and a lot of people say she sounds a bit like Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. Samuel’s favorite guitarists are shredders like Randy Rhodes, Richie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert, Eddie Van Halen, and many more. Abigail’s favorite bands/drummers are Roger Taylor from Queen, Dave Grohl from Nirvanna, and Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters.​

HBH: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

LILIAC: Our plans for the rest of the year is finishing our original album, making music videos, and hoping to start touring around the world.​

HBH: The floor is yours and hopefully, we've managed to get some readers to go check out Liliac after reading this: anything else you'd like to cover or add?

LILIAC:Thank you so much for reaching out to us, we appreciate your support! Please, stay tuned for our album and future videos. Rock on!

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