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Seventh Wonder set to release 'Tiara' on October 12th

Frontiers Music Srl is set to release the brand new studio album from Seventh Wonder entitled Tiara on October 12th 2018. Today they release the third track from the album entitled "The Everones."

"Hey hey! Even though we are really getting close to the release, here is one more track off of Tiara to make sure you survive the home stretch. This is the song that really kicks the story into gear on the album. It has a few different flavors, compared to the other songs we've shared so far. A bit more sinister, a bit more to the point. This track was the second to last one to get written and arranged prior to us hitting the studio. Something is about to happen, and humanity will never be the same again. Prepare to meet 'The Everones'," says mastermind Andreas Blomqvist

Order and stream singles from the album at:

Limited edition colored vinyl, t-shirt bundles, and more are available from Frontiers' webstore here:

Watch the video for "Tiara's Song" below

Hailing from Sweden, progressive metal greats Seventh Wonder are thrilled to be releasing their long in the making fifth studio album "Tiara", their first batch of new material since "The Great Escape," originally released in 2010. Having previously released via Frontiers the live album and long-form video, "Welcome to Atlanta" (recorded at the ProgPower Festival in 2014), the band is now ready to "unleash the beast"! It has been almost eight years since the release of their last album, but fans will be pleased to know it has been well worth the wait! Seventh Wonder have delivered some of their finest material to date!

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