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Former ACCEPT Singer DAVID REECE : Interview with talked with former ACCEPT Singer DAVID REECE about​ his new album “Resilient Heart”, 2018 touring plans, Bangalore Choir and more. You can check out the interview and new video for “Anytime At All” below.

HBH: Can you talk a little bit about your new album “Resilient Heart” which comes out on November 9th?

David: Hello and thank you for taking time to chat with me. "Resilient Heart" for me began in 2016. I was growing tired of being someone's singer and working with others and having to wait for openings for gigs etcetera plus I've really felt a need to make some changes in my direction vocally and musically. I've been listening a lot to newer bands and productions. The reason for the title is I'm a Resilient person I can be kicked down but stand up and fight on.

HBH: How did you end up working with Mighty Music? They have been putting out some great music the last couple of years, what made you decide to release your new album with them?

David: I met them through Mike Tramp, we did some gigs together in the Eastern U.S. and I told him I was considering a solo album and he referred Mighty music to me.

HBH: The first single “Anytime At All” has a great Whitesnake vibe to it, and I thought it made for a perfect lead off single. Can talk a little bit about that particular track and why you choose it to introduce the album?

David: Thank you, funny enough I've wanted to get away from the Whitesnake comparison! But I'll take it as a compliment anyway.Your not the first to say it's reminiscent of Whitesnake and probably after all these years I've gotten that vibe? The songs cowritten by myself and guitarist Martin Jepsen Andersen it's really a lyric about challenges I suppose? I'm all about challenges so I'll always say bring it on.​

HBH: The production on this album sounds great. Can you tell us a little about where the band recorded the album, and who was behind the production of “Resilient Heart” ?​

David: Marco Angioni the other guitarist and cowriter in the group produced mixed and mastered the album at his studio in Denmark called Death Island studios. When we started working together I expressed my vision for the sound and direction of the album and he clearly got it! He's a brilliant producer writer and guitarist I highly recommend him for anyone reading to contact him about production! I've worked with great producers in my life and he's probably the best I've worked with so far.I recorded the vocals at Tanzan studios again with Mario Percudani he and I have done lots of recording together and he also is great and always brings out the best in me.​

HBH: Are there plans to tour in support of the new album?​

David: Yes, November is very booked for 2018 to coincide with the release.Ive had the great Fortune of playing festivals like Luppolo in Rock in Italy last July where I headlined opening day of the three days plus also many great shows throughout Europe since early 2018.​

HBH: You’ve been involved with some great bands over the years from Bangalore Choir, Accept, Tango Down, Bonfire etc. do you have a favorite album from your vast catalog?​

David: Of the albums you mentioned? I'd have to say "Eat the heat" as it was the door opener to my career. Bangalore Choir I'm very proud as well. Bonfire was probably one of the worst experiences in my life which I'm glad to have moved on from and the others were just projects some had good songs but to be honest I need to be and have direction in my career so this is why I'm solo.​

HBH: The debut album from Bangalore Choir “On Target’ is up there on my list of favorite albums from that era. Is there a chance that we see new music from the band in the future?​

David: Unfortunately no? Curt Mitchell hates record labels and the business so has retired from that idea. He is a great talent and I miss the chemistry we had? I did a few gigs with him in England and the US but his hearts not in it sadly.​

HBH: Sainted Sinners released a great new album this year with “Back With A Vengeance” what are your plans going forward with Sainted Sinners?

David: I'm co owner of the name and group Sainted Sinners and haven't spoken to Pane' in months? He's in Bonfire and that's his choice but it creates difficulty to have a real group and working relationship truthfully so I'll leave it to him to reach out. Again another reason I'm solo.

HBH: You recently performed the Accept "Eat The Heat" album in its entirety, what was it like re-visiting those songs?

David: "Eat the heat" was criticized heavily and both praised upon release. I was hated and loved at the same time. Giles Lavery had been suggesting I do an "Eat the heat tour" for a few years and I wasn't sure about it but weird stuff started happening and I was contacted about just performing that album by a promoter. The band I used sucked and wasn't a pleasant experience for me but there was a sold out venue and I realized it was a good idea to continue with it. I've since performed with my group Reece playing it live with Martin Jepsen Andersen, Marco Angioni, Malte Frederick Burkert and Sigurd Jensen real players real rocknroll guys who fully understand the precision needed to perform the album the way it should. Also I'd like to mention that Andrea Vergori has joined me live on keyboards and guitar and he also played on "Resilient Heart" as well, a great musician! And the drums were recorded by Philip Meis he's also an amazing talent but chose to go a different direction musically and so I luckily found Sigurd Jensen on drums. I've got a killer band of players and good people behind me!​

HBH: Is there anything else you would like to add or promote?

David: Really, I just want to thank you and the readers and the fans for your unwavering support! I also would like to again say to everyone that these times are tough and people need to buy records and support live music. I look forward to seeing you all out there ! Cheers, Reece

"Resilient Heart" comes with two different track listings — one for CD/digital and one for the limited blood-red vinyl edition (500 copies).

CD/digital track listing:

01. Any Time At All 02. Wicked City Blues 03. Karma 04. Desire

05. I Don't Know Why 06. Two Coins 07. Ain't Got The Balls 08. Forest Through The Trees 09. Perfect Apocalypse 10. Live Before You Die 11. I'm The One

Vinyl track listing:

Side A

01. Karma 02. Any Time At All 03. I Don't Know Why 04. I'm The One 05. Forest Through The Trees

Side B

06. Perfect Apocalypse 07. Heart Of Stone 08. What About Yesterday 09. Two Coins 10. Live Before You Die

Tour dates;

Oct. 26 - Rock ’n’ Skull, Peoria, IL (USA) Oct. 31 - Krater Rock City, Puertollona (ESP) Nov. 01 - Sala Utopia, Zaragoza (ESP) Nov. 02 - -Urban Rock Concepts, Vitoria (ESP) Nov. 03 - Cool Stage, Madrid (ESP) Nov. 09 - High Voltage, Copenhagen (DK) Nov. 10 - Charles Dicken’s, Helsingborg (SWE) Nov. 15 - Sternensall, Schiers (CH) Nov. 16 - Ölfleck Event-Bar, Frauenfeld (CH) Nov. 17 - Johnny’s Lion Cave, Trübbach (CH) Nov. 24 - Backstage Bar, Trollhaten (SWE)


Vocals: David Reece Guitar: Marco Angioni Guitar: Martin J. Andersen Bass: Malte Frederik Burkert Drums: Sigurd J. Jensen


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