MADAM X release new video for 'Monstrocity'

Madam X posted the following on their Facebook page about the release of their new video "Monstrocity".

Madam X - "Monstrocity" - Official video from the new album "MONSTROCITY" - out now!

**"Voted the most entertaining video of 2018" the members of Madam X !!! Give us a Like and Share if you agree (Even if you don't) Life is short, listen to more Rock n Roll!!!


Bret Kaiser, Maxine Petrucci, Chris "GODZILLA" Doliber, Roxy Petrucci

EMP Label Group - David Eliffson, Thom Hazaert

Filmed and Directed by Chad Bardon with Production by Steam Factory Media & Big Dog MediaTV Edited and Produced by Haris Cizmic additional filming by Scott Sprague


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