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HARDCORE SUPERSTAR 'You Can't Kill My Rock n Roll' Album Review

With their new release “You Can’t Kill My Rock n Roll” Hardcore Superstar isn’t re-inventing the wheel, but they’ve shifted that beast into fifth gear and are leaving tracks all over today’s rock n roll landscape.

The band has released an onslaught of singles leading up to the September 21st release of "You Can't Kill My Rock n Roll" ( “AD/HD”, Electric Rider”.”Have Mercy On Me”, “Baboon”, “Bring the House Down”)

The album kicks off with the bands latest single “AD/HD’ an ass kicking in your face rocker, with a rhythm so infectious the band has you hooked from get go.

Up next “Electric Rider” killer groove, killer solo it checks all the boxes for another great track.

“My Sanctuary” starts off with a bit of an acoustic vibe , before kicking into high gear. Possibly one of the catchiest tracks on the album and that guitar riff has an oh so familiar feeling.

”Hit Me Where It Hurts”, I love when a track starts off with a great guitar riff, and that is exactly how this one kicks off, great guitar work throughout. The band is firing on all cylinders.

”You Can’t Kill My RnR”, If your looking for an anthem for a new generation, look no further than “You Can’t Kill My Rock n Roll”. It’s everything we loved about the music from 80’s.

‘The Others”, everything just works on this one. From the moment the chorus kicks in it’s pure gold.

”Have Mercy On Me”, how could anyone not love this song? It’s so fucking infectious and the video is perfect, just stop reading this and check out the video below.

“Never Cared for Snobbery”, “ I won’t change my life, I won’t cut my hair …oh hell no, You can’t buy my soul, it’s not for sale oh no hell no! With lyrics like this there isn’t much I need to say. A feeling probably every long hair rocker has felt at one time or another.

”Baboon”, I’m a little on the fence about this tune but you can decide for yourself by checking out the video below.

“Bring the House Down”, another fist in the air, sing along rocker that Hardcore Superstar have seemed to have perfected over the course of their 20 year career.

”Medicine Man” a little black magic, a hot chick, and a medicine man….what else do you need for a rock n roll song?

”Goodbye” a thank you letter to all the fans, cool way to end the album.

All in all favorite Hardcore Superstar album to date!

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