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STEVEN ADLER Recruits Singer Of Argentinian GUNS N' ROSES Tribute Band For Latest Incarnation Of

Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler has recruited Ariel Kamin, the singer of Argentinian GN'R tribute band SON OF A GUN, to front his group ADLER'S APPETITE.

Kaminreplaces Constantine Maroulis of "American Idol" and "Rock Of Ages" fame, who was the vocalist for ADLER'S APPETITE for a dozen or so dates this past May, including an Australian tour.Adler announced Kamin's addition to ADLER'S APPETITE via Instagram, writing: "Warming up for today's rehearsal for this weeks shows with my new AMAZING singer @arielkamin"In addition to Adler and Kamin, the latest version of ADLER'S APPETITE includes guitarist Michael Thomas and bassist Tanya O Callaghan.Steven previously played with Ariel when the drummer joined SON OF GUN on stage in November 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to perform several GN'R classics, including "You Could Be Mine" and "Welcome To The Jungle". Fan-filmed video footage of that concert can be seen below.

The new incarnation of ADLER'S APPETITE will play the following three shows at the end of this week:

Aug. 23 - The Rose - Pasadena, CA

Aug. 24 - Golden Nugget - Las Vegas, NV

Aug. 25 - The Canyon Theatre - Santa Clarita,

CAADLER'S APPETITE FEATURING CONSTANTINE MAROULIS celebrated the 30th anniversary of GN'R's classic debut album by performing "Appetite For Destruction" in its entirety on the aforementioned Australian tour.Back in April, when Constantine was first announced as the new frontman of ADLER'S APPETITE, Steven said: "GUNS N' ROSES are the biggest rock band in the fuckin' world now, and since the guys don't want me to play with them and I love these songs and I'm so proud of them ... now I finally have a singer who can compete with the young Axl Rose."​

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