SKULL FIST to release 3rd album 'Way Of The Road' in October

The band had this to say about their upcoming release "Way of the road": "It's the goldy locks equation dudes. The first record was too cold, the second record was too hot, for us this record feels right. After a few years of bogus behaviour, big obstacles and a ton of patience I am still surprised we managed to get this record finished. With every album we did including that E.P. we tried to find a sound but I think if there was anything that summed up my idea of what Skull Fist was and is it would be this record. You might love it, hate it or it might speak to your own life but then again it's all relative you know? I guess our first mission is personal satisfaction so it felt nice to step away from all of the effects that most recordings including our own have hidden behind. Minimal delays and verbs, real drums, one lead vocal. Sorta stepping back into a more natural sound. Got nothing to hide and even less to lose." - Zach Slaughterbrain

"Way of the Road" is out Oct. 26th Europe on NoiseArt Records Oct. 26th North America on Napalm Records Oct. 24th Asia on SPIRITUAL BEAST records TRACKLISTING 1. You belong to me 2. No more running 3. I am a slave 4. Witch Hunt 5. Way of the road 6. Heart of Rio 7. Better late than never 8. Dont cross me 9. Stay true Pre orders will come soon as well as some music videos. We will announce a tour wicked soon as well as some more in the future and yes we plan on travelling the entire flat globe earth again and playing in your city. So Expect a new video from this record in about 2 weeks.

photo by Stefanie Meyercover art by Sharon Ehman​


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