MALEVOLENTS Release New Album 'Gladiator'

Malevolents was formed in late 2015 by singer/guitarist Liam Borns and former bassist Rob Johnson. The band wasn’t a complete unit, however, until meeting our now-drummer Jon Holden in January, 2016, and our lead guitarist Austen Vandale in March, 2016. Since completing the lineup, we’ve performed live numerous times, headlined shows across the Island of BC, and have written/recorded numerous original songs. With the departure of Rob Johnson in December, 2016, the hunt for a full time bassist was on. However, we managed to bring on bassist Andrew Locke temporarily to fill in for shows and record bass on our debut album “Dead to Rights”, released independently on June 30th, 2017. Since then, we’ve been featured on multiple radio stations and magazines, including 106.9 FM The Wolf in Nanaimo and Power Play Magazine, found a full time bass player and co-song writer with Colton LaJeunesse, played the VI Metal Fest of 2017 with bands like the legendary Diamond Head, Weedeater, Spell, Aggression, and many others, and have since written and recorded our 2nd album entitled “Gladiator”, currently set for release worldwide on August 11th, 2018. The album debuted its first single/music video “I’m Going to Hell” on May 21, 2018. We are currently set to tour in support of the album release starting August 11th, beginning on the mainland of BC and heading east through Alberta. Lots more planned for the future. We are a group that supports metal, rock, and all types of music in between. We love the brotherhood metal brings to the community, and that's why we play.

Band Members

Liam Borns - Vocals/Guitar, Austen Vandale - Guitar, Colton LaJeunesse - Bass, Jon Holden - Drums


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