PRIMAL FEAR Release New Album 'Apocalypse'

"Apocalypse" is Primal Fear's 12th studio album and another milestone release in keeping with the consistent growth the band has shown through their career. Primal Fear, through years of hard work and a steady stream of increasingly powerful albums, have become one of the most beloved and respected heavy metal bands around the globe, a true metal institution. Their last two studio albums, "Delivering The Black" and "Rulebreaker", saw them climbing the charts in several territories and receiving even more critical praise than previous releases. Truly, especially in recent years, the band has continued to raise the bar in terms of quality and musicianship with each release, constantly pushing to find new ways to best themselves.



1. Apocalypse

2. New Rise

3. The Ritual

4. King Of Madness

5. Blood, Sweat, & Fear

6. Supernova

7. Hail To The Fear

8. Hounds Of Justice

9. The Beast

10. Eye Of The Storm

11. Cannonball

12. Fight Against Evil (Bonus Track - Deluxe Version)

13. Into The Fire (Bonus Track - Deluxe Version)

14. My War Is Over (Bonus Track - Deluxe Version)

BONUS DVD (Deluxe Edition & Limited Edition Box Set ONLY)

+King Of Madness (video)

+The Ritual (video)

+Making of Apocalypse Mini-Documentary


Ralf Scheepers - Lead Vocals

Tom Naumann - Guitars

Alex Beyrodt - Guitars

Magnus Karlsson - Guitars & Keyboards

Francesco Jovino - Drums

Mat Sinner - Bass & Vocals


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