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WHITESNAKE: 'Unzipped' 5CD/DVD Set With Rare & Previously Unreleased Acoustic Performances Due In October

August 3, 2018

It was the hard-rocking sound of hits like "Still Of The Night" and "Give Me All Your Love Tonight" that brought WHITESNAKE worldwide, multi-platinum success. Even so, the band's founder and lead singer, David Coverdale, has never been a stranger to the occasional ballad, going back to his early days with DEEP PURPLE on "Soldier Of Fortune" and, most famously, with WHITESNAKE on the 1987 No. 1 smash hit "Here I Go Again".

After WHITESNAKE finishes its current summer tour with FOREIGNER, the band will revisit some of its best acoustic performances with "Unzipped: Super Deluxe Edition". This five CD/DVD collection brings together unplugged and acoustic-based performances recorded over the past 20-plus years, including rare and unreleased studio and live recordings, acoustic demos, concert videos, interviews and more. The extensive set will be available on October 19 for $59.98. On the same day, Rhino will also release "Unzipped" in three other formats: single-CD ($7.98), double-CD ($19.98), and double-LP ($29.98). All of the music will be available digitally and via streaming services.

The first disc from "Unzipped: Super Deluxe Edition" mixes rare and unreleased versions of songs like "Summer Rain" and "Forevermore" from the band's recent studio albums, "Good To Be Bad" (2008) and "Forevermore" (2011). Also included are songs like "Love Is Blind"from Coverdale's solo album, "Into The Light" (2000); and a previously unreleased song, "All The Time In The World". All 11 tracks are available on the single-CD, double-CD and double-LP versions of "Unzipped".

In 1997, Coverdale and guitarist Adrian Vandenberg played an unplugged concert in Tokyo that was recorded and initially released exclusively in Japan as "Starkers In Tokyo". That recording has been remixed and will make its North American debut on the second disc of "Unzipped: Super Deluxe Edition". The acoustic performance touches on the different stages of Coverdale's career, from his time in DEEP PURPLE ("Soldier Of Fortune"), to his solo albums ("Too Many Tears"), and, most famously, with WHITESNAKE on unplugged versions of hits like "Is This Love" and "Here I Go Again". These 12 tracks, along with all the music on the single-CD version of "Unzipped", will also be available on double-CD, and double-LP.

"Some of my favorite love songs are on disc one of this collection… and I LOVE, love songs," says Coverdale. "Though reluctant at first to go 'unzipped' in public, the shows I did with Adrian Vandenberg in 1997, and then Doug Aldrich in 2006, were incredibly memorable… primarily because it gave me an opportunity to be 'at one' with the crowd… some songs ask for a softer touch… and those are the songs we have here in this collection."

"Unzipped: Super Deluxe Edition" has even more of unreleased, unplugged recordings, including more performances from Coverdale's 1997 tour with Vandenberg, plus several later shows featuring Coverdale and guitarist Doug Aldrich. Plus, more than two dozen of Coverdale's unreleased, acoustic demos are also included in the collection.

A DVD completes "Unzipped: Super Deluxe Edition" with live, unplugged performances filmed around the world between 1997 and 2015, including a complete acoustic show recorded at the Cutting Room in New York in 2008. A highlight for U.S. fans will be the North American debut of the 1997 concert video "Starkers In Tokyo", which has been remixed in 5.1 and Stereo exclusively for this new collection. Additional bonus features include an interview with Coverdale and Vandenberg, bootleg videos, the "Love Is Blind" music video and a slideshow.

Coverdale continues: "These songs are some of the most personal I've been involved with through my almost five decades as a professional musician, singer and composer…This is me at my most unguarded… innocent… writing, as I still do, for the fun… the expression… the poetry… all LOVE songs."


"Unzipped: Super Deluxe Edition" track listing:


Disc One: Unzipped… In The Studio: The Love Songs

01. Love Is Blind 
02. One of These Days * 
03. All The Time In The World * 
04. Wherever You May Go 

05. Easier Said than Done * 
06. Fare Thee Well * 
07. Summer Rain 
08. Forevermore 
09. 'Till The End Of Time


Bonus Tracks:

10. Wherever You May Go (Instrumental) Strings only * 
11. Love Is Blind (Instrumental) Strings only *


Disc Two: Starkers In Tokyo

01. Sailing Ships 
02. Too Many Tears 
03. The Deeper The Love 
04. Love Ain't No Stranger 
05. Can't Go On 
06. Give Me All Your Love 
07. Don't Fade Away 
08. Is This Love 
09. Here I Go Again 
10. Soldier Of Fortune


Bonus Tracks:

11. Only My Soul (Acapella) * 
12. Fool For Your Loving (Excerpt) *


Disc Three: Snakeskin Boots: Starkers In Europe Starkers In Warsaw (Poland, April 18, 1997):

01. Intro 
02. Sailing Ships 
03. Too Many Tears 
04. Here I Go Again

Starkers In Stockholm (Sweden, December 2, 2006):

05. Intro 
06. Give Me All Your Love 
07. Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
08. Only My Soul (Acapella) 
09. All I Want Is You 
10. Dog 
11. Here I Go Again


Starkers In Cologne (Germany, November 24, 2006):

12. Intro 
13. Give Me All Your Love 
14. Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
15. All I Want Is You 
16. Slow & Easy 
17. Dog

Starkers In Paris (France, November 30, 2006):

18. Give Me All Your Love 
19. Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
20. Northwinds (Acapella) 
21. All I Want Is You 
22. Dog 
23. Blindman (Acapella) 
24. Here I Go Again


Disc Four: More Starkers Promo Tour Rehearsals (2005):

01. If You Want Me * 
02. Give Me All Your Love * 
03. Slow & Easy * 
04. All I Want Is You * 
05. Judgement Day * 
06. Ain't Gonna Cry No More * 
07. Dog *


Starkers In New York (New York City, April 10, 2008):

08. Give Me All Of Your Love 
09. Can You Hear The Wind Blow 
10. All I Want All I Need 
11. Lay Down Your Love 
12. Fool For Your Loving 
13. The Deeper The Love 
14. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 
15. Here I Go Again

WSTV Jams Excerpts (2012):

16. Easier Said Than Done 
17. Fare Thee Well 
18. Love Will Set You Free 
19. Mistreated 
20. Slide It In 
21. 'Till The End Of Time 
22. Shake My Tree

Made In Japan Soundcheck Versions (2011)

23. Good To Be Bad 
24. Tell Me How


Disc Five: Up Close & Personal

01. Wherever You May Go (Demo Version) * 
02. Surrender * 
03. Ain't No Doubt About My Girl * 
04. Scat Man Blues * 
05. Love's A Crazy Game * 
06. I Will Love You * 
07. Oh Baby You're The One * 
08. So Long (Acapella) * 
09. So Long * 
10. It Would Be Nice * 
11. Slide Thingy Blues * 
12. Down To The River * 
13. Feel Your Love Grow Stronger * 
14. Blues Jam Riff * 
15. Fun Lick Blues * 
16. Don't Wanna Change The World * 
17. It's So Hard * 
18. River Song (Early Version) * 
19. Let's Have A Drink Before I Go * 
20. Can You Ever Forgive Me * 
21. So Much To Live For * 
22. Another Lick While The Missus Is Busy In The Kitchen * 
23. Just The Two Of Us (Together You And I) * 
24. Oh S___ Blues (featuring Jessica) * 
25. Seasons *


DVD Starkers In Tokyo (1997):

01. Sailing Ships 
02. Too Many Tears 
03. The Deeper The Love 
04. Can't Go On 
05. Is This Love 
06. Give Me All Your Love 
07. Here I Go Again 
08. Soldier Of Fortune 
09. Love Ain't No Stranger 
10. Don't Fade Away 
11. Only My Soul (Acapella) 
12: Fool For Your Loving (excerpt)


Starkers In New York (2008):

01. Give Me All Of Your Love 
02. Can You Hear The Wind Blow 
03. All I Want All I Need 
04. Lay Down Your Love 
05. Fool For Your Loving 
06. The Deeper The Love 
07. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 
08. Here I Go Again

Starkers In Warsaw (Poland, April 18, 1997):

09. Intro 
10. Sailing Ships 
11. Too Many Tears 
12. Here I Go Again

Starkers In Stockholm (Sweden, December 2, 2006):

13. Intro 
14. Give Me All Your Love 
15. Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
16. Only My Soul (Acapella) 
17. All I Want Is You 
18. Dog 
19. Here I Go Again

Starkers In Cologne (Germany, November 24, 2006):

20. Give Me All Your Love 
21. Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
22. All I Want Is You 
23. Dog

Starkers In Sofia (Bulgaria, November 24, 2015):

24. Soldier Of Fortune

Starkers In Paris 2 (France, June 4, 2009):

25. Blindman

Starkers In Wolverhampton (England, June 16, 2011):

26. Fare Thee Well

Starkers In Glasgow (Scotland, June 15, 2011)*

27. One Of These Days


Bonus Features:

- One-on-One with David Coverdale and Adrian Vandenberg discussing "Starkers" 
- Poor Albert's Last: Photographic Slideshow (featuring audio from "Sailing Ships") 
- Purplesnake's "Forevermore" Video 
- "Love Is Blind" Music Video

* previously unreleased

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