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The Metal Voice interviews Brian Vollmer lead singer of Helix at Heavy Montreal

Jimmy Kay of Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Brian Vollmer lead singer of Helix at Heavy Montreal 2018 on July 29 2018. Vollmer spoke about being a vocal instructor, working on Helix's new album, Gene Simmons Rock is dead and his thoughts on Lemmy. When asked about the Gene Simmons song he wrote called (Gene Simmons says) Rock is dead "Essentially, I know what Gene Simmons was saying, as a business model Rock and Roll is pretty screwed up right now, it's very hard to make a living, no place for bands to develop their craft. What I meant in the Helix song was that you will never stop kids from wanting to play guitar, impress girls, write songs and all that musicians do. " His thoughts on Lemmy "Lemmy was a great guy and unlike a lot of other people in the business he was totally unique, what you saw is what you got and I think that's why people loved the guy so much."


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