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ALICE COOPER to be featured on Arizona scratch off lottery tickets

According to AZCentral, Alice Cooper and the Arizona Lottery are joining forces to create a special Alice Cooper Scratchers ticket. And Cooper was thrilled to be asked.

“I used to say you know you’ve made it," he says, "if you’re a joke from Bob Hope on the Christmas Special (and I was).... if you were an answer on “Jeopardy”.... or if your head was on a Pez dispenser because Pez dispensers put you up there with Captain Hook and Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. And now being on a Lotto ticket.”

The Alice Cooper Scratchers ticket is available on August 7th and runs through Halloween or while supplies last.

"We did mention that it should’ve been a Halloween one," Cooper says. "But we will be in the market over Halloween so it works out perfectly.”

Gregg Edgar, the executive director of the Arizona Lottery, says the agency reached out to Cooper after the rocker's name popped up in a brainstorming session. It “just seemed a natural fit,” given Cooper's role in the community, he says.

“Alice obviously is an Arizona icon,” Edgar says. “And he has done so much good in the community in terms of his philanthropy, so it fit with our overall mission, which is giving back to the state of Arizona. Our team was kicking around ideas for tickets. We gave a green light internally to the thought of that one, and we reached out to his folks.”

Read more via the link above.

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