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The Premier of 'Shredders Of Metal' Episode 1: now available on BangerTV’s YouTube channel

Banger Films today premiers its original digital series Shredders Of Metal kicking off a special Shredders’ Week on BangerTV’s YouTube channel. All six episodes will air this week - one each day - until the finale on Saturday, July 28th. Episode #1 can be found below.

Shredders Of Metal is the first talent competition show dedicated to heavy metal music. Seven guitarists from across Canada showcase their shredding skills for a panel of three judges: Alex Skolnick (Testament), Daniel Dekay (Diemonds, BangerTV) and Sam Dunn (Banger Films Co-Founder). The series is hosted by Yuk Yuk’s comedian and BangerTV host Blayne Smith.

Each episode features a different challenge testing heavy metal guitar creativity and skill. A highlight of the series is judge Alex Skolnick performing his solo for Testament’s “Practise What You Preach”.

Here’s a complete list of Shredders Week episodes and challenges:

Monday, July 23rd: (Series Premiere) Shredder’s Choice: Each contestant performs an original 60-second shred, freestyle.

Tuesday, July 24th: Speed Kills: Alex Skolnick of Testament performs his solo for “Practise What You Preach”. Contestants must replicate a section at ever-increasing speeds.

Wednesday, July 25th: Metalize This! Five remaining contestants are assigned a children’s song to perform in a metal style of their choice.

Thursday, July 26th: The Big Score: Four remaining contestants are given a short video and must create an accompanying original score.

Friday, July 27th: Figure Shredding: Three remaining contestants perform as many techniques as they can, which is given a score of 1-10.

Friday, July 28th: (Season Finale) Shred Or Die: The final two contestants fight it out in an epic guitar battle until only one survives!

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