The New Wave Of Hair Metal Weekend News Report July 21, 2018

To TNWOHM fan's around the world,

Welcome back to another edition of the Weekend News Report. Coming at you every Saturday with the HOTTEST news in the genre! And things REALLY heated up this week when the 🇸🇪Trench Dogs🇸🇪 released the first video/single from their up coming debut. "The Gin Beat" came out earlier this week. The video was met with positive reactions. If it's any indication as to how the rest of it will sound, I'd say that they have a winner. "Year Of The Dog" is the title of the album. It's due out on August 24th. Make sure you pick up a copy.

🇺🇸WICKED🇺🇸 will be at Pineapple Jacks in Rochester on the 27th. This is the night where you will be able to purchase their debut LP "Rock N' Roll".

🇨🇦Dextress🇨🇦 made big news on Canadian television this week due to their performance on the Coca-Cola stage at the Calgary Stampede. They news clip/performance of "Guilty Man" is available to watch on YouTube. Dextress are well on their way to gaining control over western Canada. Great job, dude's!

The New Wave Of Hair Metal would like to thank Jo Anne for supplying the page with awesome live shots from the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany. She has already told me that she will be at the HRH Sleaze fest as well. So expect to see some more cool pictures from her.

Lead guitarist Slade Sleaze from 🇿🇦L.A. Cobra🇿🇦 would like to do another music video. And it looks like Don likes the idea. Let's hope it happens! Frontman Don Cobra was featured on the Steve Rockz radio show here in the US last night.

Quick bits:

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico):

🇺🇸Babylon Shakes🇺🇸 played at the Phase 2 last night for the Hard Rock Showcase. 🇨🇦Diemonds🇨🇦 members Priya, C.C., & D.K. will be at the Garrison Flea Market in Toronto tomorrow from 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm selling all sorts of Diemonds memorabilia. 🇨🇦Sleazy Way Out🇨🇦 are working on a new album. 🇺🇸Station🇺🇸 are live at Sonoma's tonight in Maryland. 🇺🇸Steel Panther🇺🇸 are the the River Cree Casino & Resort tonight.

Northern Europe (Scandinavian & Nordic countries):

🇸🇪Crazy Lixx🇸🇪 are re-issuing their back catalog on colored vinyl! All of you collectors are going to want to grab these.

🇳🇴The Cruel Intentions🇳🇴 are playing at the Oya in Roverstaden on August 7th. 🇸🇪Hardcore Superstar🇸🇪 played the Rockfesten in Kunstradgarden yesterday. 🇸🇪Lipz🇸🇪 has another surprise for Italy. What is it? We'll find out. 🇳🇴NiteRain🇳🇴 are playing this year's Cruefest at the Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles on July 28th. 🇫🇮Shiraz Lane🇫🇮 will be at the Qstock fest on July 27th. 🇫🇮Temple Balls🇫🇮 have completed the drum tracks for their up coming album. 🇸🇪ToxicRose🇸🇪 played at the Rock In The Barn festival today in Uddeholm.

United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:

🇬🇧Bigfoot🇬🇧 announced their new vocalist! Welcome Sean Seabrook to the fold. 🇬🇧Maverick🇬🇧 will be at the Atlantic Bar in Portrush on August 4th. 🇬🇧Nasty High🇬🇧 are playing at the Royal Standard Bar in Sheffield on August 3rd. 🇮🇪Stone Trigger🇮🇪 will be joining L.A. Guns for another UK tour with stops in The Netherlands and France. The action starts on August 31st. 🇮🇪W.A.L.K.E.R.🇮🇪 will be back at Fibber Magees on August 18th.

Western Europe:

🇨🇭Dizzy Fox🇨🇭 will be releasing their debut video on July 27th.

🇩🇪Night Laser🇩🇪 announced another band for their th annual Laser Night fest on December 21st. Formosa, along with The Grey will be playing that night. 🇩🇪Pussy Sisster🇩🇪 are playing the Sunny Side Fest on July 27th. 🇨🇭Rusted Guns🇨🇭 are playing the Birrhard Rockt on the weekend of July 28th.

Eastern Europe, Baltic, and European Russia:

🇷🇺Bosphorus Night🇷🇺 have a new single titled "Born To Live". It's available on Spotify. 🇨🇿Double Raw🇨🇿 will be playing the Starfire Tattoo fest in Munster on August 3rd. 🇨🇿Hairy Groupies🇨🇿 are playing in Vycapy today. 🇨🇿Nasty Ratz🇨🇿 will be in Tynec for the Rock Park fest on August 4th. 🇨🇿Sweet Leopard🇨🇿 will be on Radio Cas Rock tomorrow (July 22nd) at 9:00 pm (Central Europe time zone).

Mediterranean, and Southern Europe:

🇵🇹Affaire🇵🇹 are now done with pre-production and have entered Dynamix Studio to begin recording. 🇮🇹Cream Pie🇮🇹 have announced their October "Sleazy Revolution" tour. 🇮🇹Fallen Angels🇮🇹 have put their latest video for the song "The Force In The Mind" on YouTube.

🇮🇹Sandness🇮🇹 are back in the studio again.

Oceania (Australia, and New Zealand):

🇦🇺Dangerous Curves🇦🇺 are back in action on August 4th for a killer set at the Musicland in Melbourne. 🇳🇿Leathur Tattoo🇳🇿 are playing at the Thirsty Dog Tavern on July 27th. Tommy Lee was photographed wearing Bryce Lipz from 🇦🇺Sisters Doll🇦🇺 "Cherry Lipz creation" shirt. 🇦🇺Snake Bite Whisky🇦🇺 played at the Voodoo Roadhouse in Guadalajara, Mexico last night.

South America, Middle America, and the Caribbean Islands:

🇧🇷Inluzt🇧🇷 played at the Aldeia Jundai last night. 🇧🇷Tales From The Porn🇧🇷 released their debut video for the song "Back To The 80's". Great song!

South Africa/India/Japan/Asia/Middle Eastern:

🇮🇳Girish And The Chronicles🇮🇳 are doing another Guns N' Roses tribute show! This time at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hyderabad on July 26th.

Video of the week (July 14 - July 21):

The Cruel Intentions - Jawbreaker

Up coming album releases (only one's with official release dates will be mentioned):

July 22: Denman - Raw Deal

August 24: Trench Dogs - Year Of The Dog

August 31: Taste - Moral Decay

September 21: The Cruel Intentions - No Sign Of Relief

September 21: Hardcore Superstar - You Can't Kill My Rock N' Roll

That is all of the news I have for this week. As always, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything, or if I made some small error. And if anything new pops up I'll do my best to share it.

Keep the hairspray coming, and crank the guitars to 11!!!

Tom - Admin/TNWOHM

Pictured: Trench Dogs, WICKED, Dextress, and as always, the background is Detroit Rock City!

The New Wave Of Hair Metal is a non-profit page. I don't claim ownership to any of the pictures or music.


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