PYN SIREN release new album 'Slave To Your Master'

PYN SIREN delivers Hard hitting in your face rock! if you like SKID ROW "Grind" with touches of STEELHEART with a dark and moody feel , then this is for you! This is a very promising act that will keep you believing in the US Hard Rock scene. Their debut "Slave To Your Master" is a heavily brooding and aggressive Hard Rock album that hits you with sheer unbelievable guitar strength and ready-to-rumble lead vocal power provided by lead vocalist, Danny Mariano (ex-RAGE OF ANGELS). Who's abilities are reminsicent of Sebastian Bach and STEELHEART's Mike Matijevic. In the end, this is something that has been sorley missed for some time in music today. This is just what the dr has perscribed for people that want to get some fist pumping rock out of their system after a hard day of 9-5! For all of you who have been looking for something to fill that gap left empty when Seb Bach & Co decided to call it a day then let me tell you Pyn Siren are the new Skid Row. Danny Mariano’s vocal talent is nothing less than astounding. Backed by Pete Ruello on bass, Frank Calarco on Drums and Gary Valasco on guitar, Pyn Siren are a force to be reconciled with. If any of you can remember Spreadeagle and Childsplay then you know the sound that Pyn Siren have put together. ‘Slave to your Master’ delivers from start to finish. From the opening chords of ‘Cry me a River’, right down until the final chords of the title track ‘Slave to your Master’, you know this is going to be something special. This album delivers the goods. It really is an awe inspiring masterpiece that shows that there is still plenty of good solid rock music out there. It’s just a case of not accepting what is thrown at you by the media, and allowing them to drag you along in their whirlwind of hype, just because a band are signed to big influential label. If you want to know where the real golden bands are then try looking a little further afield at some of the smaller more independent labels about. Kivel Records are rapidly growing up a reputation for finding that musical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and with Pyn Siren that’s definitely what has happened here. Rather amusingly one of the band members dedicates the album to … my ‘skeptics’ for inspiration … I guess there must be a lot of musicians out there who have been told to get a real job and forget about their dreams of being a rock star. Some take that advice while other draw inspiration from it and actually grow stronger in their will to succeed. It certainly sounds from that dedication that Pyn Siren are one such band. At first glance with the album name and cover design you might think Pyn Siren are indeed a simple rip off band of the mighty Skid Row. However just one listen to this band and this album and you’ll soon realize there’s no rip off going on here. It’s like the first time you hear an electric guitar and it totally blows your mind, that’s the effect this album will have on you when you listen to it for the first time. It’s such a delight to hear songs like these being played after all the drudge and blandness we’ve had to suffer over the years. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the glory days on Sunset Boulevard. Wake up it’s time to come alive and it’s time to rock n’ roll again!

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