PEACEMAKER debut 'Concrete & Terror' to be released Sept.25th (available for pre-order)

The Peacemaker album cover introduces you to Zombie Sheriff J.P. Diggs who embodies the heart and soul of the All-Star heavy metal band, PEACEMAKER! The message of Sheriff Diggs and Peacemaker is clear....”Make your peace....with Peacemaker!” The album artwork steps far beyond typical knuckle-dragging genre defining metal nerdness, as much it intensifies and sears the senses with mind-melting music. Make no mistake, Peacemaker delivers a modern day old-school heavy metal album that has all the “balls” and whistles - an album that is nothing less than the "total package" that you would expect from the All-Star, super-team heavy metal crew that makes Peacemaker so very special!

Featuring members from Metal Church, TSO, House of Lords, Yngwie, Anthrax, and Tango Down, 2018’s Brutal Planet Records debut “Concrete & Terror” takes the band’s collective genius and unites these brilliant musical virtuosos in metallic triumph and victory! Miller’s snarling guitars hammer away with ferocious tones, Zampa provides a true drumming onslaught, and Ciejek is a top-ten bass player thumping it out with perfection! While few people have the distinguished resume’ of vocalist Ronny Munroe, he delivers the performance of a lifetime pushing himself to new heights of creativity and technical proficiency.

All these components have been masterfully pulled together by Producer, Ty Sims (HOUSE OF LORDS, TANGO DOWN, ROMEO RIOT) and enhanced by his experienced ear and command from behind the board. The CD is packaged with a 12 page booklet featuring band photos (photographed by renowned Metal Photographer, Jeremy Saffer) and lyrics in a protective jewel case. “Concrete & Terror” has the three things fans of true heavy metal long for - The LOOK! The SOUND! The STORY! Will you dare to meet Sheriff Diggs, and be part of the Peacemaker story? I strongly encourage you to.....”Make your peace....with Peacemaker!”

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SONGS Blood Lust Big Block Concrete and Terror Insanity Speaks Kill LOVE Sin Endless Dream Jane Slain ME Enemy Social Suicide The Bomb

PEACEMAKER is: Ronny Munroe: Lead Vocals (Metal Church, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) Scott Miller: Guitars and Vocals (Tango Down) B.J.Zampa: Drums (House of Lords, Yngwie Malmsteen, Obsession) Rc Ciejek: Bass (Belladonna featuring Joey from Anthrax)


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