The New Wave Of Hair Metal Weekend News Report July 14, 2018

Greetings once again to the Weekend New Report. There is some big top stories this week, however the "Quick Bits" section is a little small. A lot of bands are locked in the studio right now, but there isn't a lot of gigs booked for many of them at this moment. But the stuff that is happening is all bellow.

🇫🇮Santa Cruz🇫🇮 had some big news this week. Archie made this post on the 10th:

"After working with Brody DeRozie for a few months, we mutually came to the conclusion that he was not the man for Santa Cruz. We want to wish Brody all the best to his future endeavours in music. May we introduce the Russian Rocket, 19 year old guitar prodigy: @pavcruzz ⚡️ We’ve been working like crazy on the low to get this band to the next level, so get stoked boys & girls! Shit’s about to get wild! XXX - The Cruz Team"

🇳🇴The Cruel Intentions🇳🇴 released their new video "Jawbreaker" from their up coming debut "No Sign Of Relief" on Friday to extremely positive reactions. The band are finishing up two nights in Sweden. They were in Stockholm at the Harry B. James last night, and tonight they're in Goteborg at the Sticky Fingers. 🇦🇺Catalano🇦🇺 flew in from Australia to open both nights.

🇺🇸Kickin' Valentina🇺🇸 parted ways with frontman Joe Edwardz this week. The band was scheduled to play the "Bang Your Head" festival in Balingen, Germany this weekend. Concerning the festival, It's a three day party filled with bands including 🇸🇪Crazy Lixx🇸🇪, 🇫🇮Reckless Love🇫🇮, 🇸🇪Crashdiet🇸🇪, and 🇸🇪Eclipse🇸🇪

🇸🇪Lipz🇸🇪 are live at Luppolo in Rock on the 15th. This will be their first trip ever to Italy. Then on the 17th they'll be back in Sweden to rock Sodertalje!

For all of you 🇫🇮Shiraz Lane🇫🇮 lovers out there, I posted an interview I did with bassist Joel Alex. It's pinned to the top of the page. Be sure to check it out!

Quick bits:

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico):

🇺🇸Babylon Shakes🇺🇸 are playing at the Phase 2 in Lynchburg, VA on the 20th. 🇨🇦Dextress🇨🇦 played at the Blind Beggars club last night, and tomorrow they'll be playing on the Coca-Cola stage at the Calgary Stampede. You can now pre-order your vinyl copy of the self titled third 🇨🇦

Diemonds🇨🇦 album due out on August 10th. 🇨🇦Love Razer🇨🇦 are playing at the Eastside bar in London, Ontario tonight. 🇨🇦Rusted🇨🇦 are playing with the KISS tribute band, KISSed tonight at the Piranha bar in Montreal. You can catch 🇺🇸The Shrunken Heads🇺🇸 at Mack Kells in Asheville, NC on the 28th. 🇺🇸Station🇺🇸 will be at Sonoma's bar in Maryland on July 21st. 🇺🇸Steel Panther🇺🇸 are at the House Of Blues in New Orleans tonight. 🇺🇸WICKED🇺🇸 played at the Debonair Music club in New Jersey last night.

Northern Europe (Scandinavian & Nordic countries):

🇸🇪Hardcore Superstar🇸🇪 are playing the Rockfesten in Kunstradgarden on July 20th. 🇳🇴NiteRain🇳🇴 are playing this year's Cruefest at the Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles on July 28th. 🇸🇪Strykenine🇸🇪 played at the Pub Anchor in Stockholm last night.

United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:

🇬🇧Bigfoot🇬🇧 played at the S.O.S. festival last, and 🇬🇧DAMN DICE🇬🇧 played it tonight.

Western Europe:

🇨🇭Dizzy Fox🇨🇭 will be releasing their debut music video on July 27th. 🇩🇪Kissin' Dynamite🇩🇪 are currently #7 on the Offizielle Deutsche Charts. 🇩🇪Night Laser🇩🇪 have announced the 5th annual Laser Night that is being held on December 21st. The first band announced is The Grey. 🇨🇭Rusted Guns🇨🇭 are playing the Birrhard Rockt on the weekend of July 28th. 🇫🇷Sadhayena🇫🇷 played at La Scene Michelet in Nantes last night.

Eastern Europe, Baltic, and European Russia:

This is by far the slowest week in this region I have yet to see. Stages around Europe need to get filled again. 🇨🇿Hairy Groupies🇨🇿 were live in Cernic today.

Mediterranean, and Southern Europe:

🇵🇹Affaire🇵🇹 are recording a new album. The pre-production begins on July 20th. 🇪🇸Erotic Psycho🇪🇸 played the Can Mercader festival yesterday in Barcelona. 🇮🇹Hell In The Club🇮🇹 are doing the Rock Club festival in Trieste this weekend.

🇮🇹Sandness🇮🇹 have discount prices on many of their merchandise items to celebrate their 10th "Bandiversary".

Oceania (Australia, and New Zealand):

Are 🇦🇺Black Alpine🇦🇺 shooting a music video with Nerf guns? We'll find out. 🇦🇺Dangerous Curves🇦🇺 are at the Whole Lotta Love club tonight for the THRS (The Hard Rock Show) Christmas In July party. 🇳🇿Leathur Tattoo🇳🇿 are playing at the Thirsty Dog Tavern on July 27th. 🇦🇺Snake Bite Whisky🇦🇺 are coming to the Voodoo Roadhouse in Guadalajara, Mexico on July 20th.

South America, Middle America, and the Caribbean Islands:

🇦🇷Gunner🇦🇷 made a post about an up coming new album. Meanwhile 🇧🇷Inluzt🇧🇷 are busy recording their debut album.

South Africa/India/Japan/Asia/Middle Eastern:

🇮🇳Girish And The Chronicles🇮🇳 are performing a Guns N' Roses tribute show in Bangaluru on July 19th. 🇿🇦L.A. Cobra🇿🇦 are live at the Rumours Rock City club tonight for the Rumours Birthday Bash.

Video of the week (July 7 - July 14):

Kissin' Dynamite - You're Not Alone

Up coming album releases (only one's with official release dates will be mentioned):

July 20: Nitrate - Real World

July 22: Denman - Raw Deal

August 10: Diemonds

August 24: Trench Dogs

August 31: Taste - Moral Decay

September 21: The Cruel Intentions - No Sign Of Relief

September 21: Hardcore Superstar - You Can't Kill My Rock N' Roll

That is all of the news I have for this week. As always, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything, or if I made some small error. And if anything new pops up I'll do my best to share it.

Keep the hairspray coming, and crank the guitars to 11!!!

Tom - Admin/TNWOHM

Pictured: Santa Cruz (Pav & Archie), The Cruel Intentions, Catalano, and as always, the background is Detroit Rock City!

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