WARRANT 'Dog Eat Dog' Album Review

This album sonically, lyrically and musically is huge, but that has nothing to do with why you should own it. You should own it because, quite simply, it is a great rock album--with songs of various tempos ranging from heavy rockers to acoustic ballads. The songs themselves vary as much as the tempos: from grim despair to utter hope. The sum of these various parts is one great album.

Specifics on some of the tracks: The album kicks off with two of the heaviest songs that Warrant has ever done : “Machine Gun” and “Hole in My Wall”. These songs are intense and complete ass kickers through and through; when I heard these songs I knew right away that anyone calling these guys a "pop band" were in for a kick to the teeth. They follow those songs with a couple of the finest tunes in my opinion that Jani Lane ever wrote with “April 2031” and “Andy Warhol Was Right” for people who bought this album upon it’s release and were expecting to get “Cherry Pie 2” they had to be down right floored upon first listen.

The growth in song writing from “Cherry Pie” to “Dog Eat Dog” is leaps and bounds. I can remember listening to this in my car the day it came out, and was so excited to get home and share with my then girlfriend about how badass the new Warrant album was, luckily she agreed and from that point forward the summer of 92' was all “Dog Eat Dog”.

There’s not a bad song on here, a couple of great ballads in “Let It Rain” and “The Bitter Pill” and a couple of catchy numbers like “Hollywood So Far, So Good” and “Sad Theresa” and of course the stellar rocker “Quicksand”.

“Dog Eat Dog” easily makes my top ten albums of all time! (Thanks, Jani)


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