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Shredders Of Metal will premiere on Monday, July 23rd

Banger Films' original web series Shredders Of Metal will premiere on Monday, July 23rd, kicking off a special “Shredders’ Week” on BangerTV’s YouTube channel.An official trailer can be seen below. It reveals some of the series guitar challenges, including “Speed Kills”, which will test playing precision at different speeds, and “Metalize This”, in which contestants must transform a children’s song into a metal shred.

Shredders Of Metal is the first talent competition show dedicated to heavy metal music. Seven guitarists will showcase their shredding skills for a panel of three judges:

Alex Skolnick (Testament), Daniel Dekay (Diemonds, BangerTV) and Sam Dunn (Banger Films Co-Founder). The series host is comedian Blayne Smith (Yuk Yuk’s, BangerTV).

The Shredders Of Metal Finalists are:Tim Brown (Edmonton, Alberta) - Guitarist for traditional heavy metal band Striker.

Frankie C (Toronto, Ontario) - Guitarist for epic death metal band Vesperia, 2015 International Wacken Metal Battle Champions.

Sim Diamond (Lévi, Quebec) - Records as the solo instrumental project Universal Minds.

Ric Galvez (Toronto, Ontario) - Guitarist for blackened death metal band Astaroth Incarnate, studies classical guitar at York University.

Bri Lue-Kim (London, Ontario) - Plays guitar and bass for a variety of heavy bands including Necrosaurus Rex, Specks and The Alcohollys.

Derryl Vi (North York, Ontario) - Melodic thrash guitarist who records under the name VI.Alex

Zubair (Toronto, Ontario) - Founder of death metal Nepheluim currently recording as AZP.

Seven guitarists were chosen from video submissions and you can learn more about the seven contestants here.The Shredders Of Metal digital series is produced by Banger Films with the support of the Bell Fund.

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