THUNDERSTEEL release new video for 'Armageddon Age'

Old-school heavy metal quartet from Serbia, Thundersteel, has released a brand new single and official video called “Armageddon Age”, first time after their last release The Exorcism from 2015 and are officially presenting their new line-up and have announced something very heavy from their kitchen in the near future.

“‘Armageddon Age’ presents literally everything that was obstructing us to stay active and to write new music over the past three years. Many bad events and issues have occurred and we are very happy to be back, especially with the fresh line up! Our wish is to let people know that we’re still alive and that we’re not gonna stand down for sure! We were lucky to have the guys from MEMO Workshop record our video, they did a fantastic job and there was no better way to say ‘thank you’ to every single person for the continuous support during these last three years. We’re also heading back to the songwriting process and we’re planning to release new EP in the near future, but more info about that soon. So much effort, so much energy and good spirit was put into everything and it kept the flame burning in us so it’s time to pay back with some good old heavy music!” comments the band.

“Armageddon Age” was recorded and produced by MEMO Workshop team and Aleksandar Madžarević from Novi Sad and the song was recorded, mixed and mastered in Alpha Design studio in Novi Sad, Serbia, by Vladimir Perović. Single was officially released under Grom Tmina Records.


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