DEE SNIDER 'For The Love Of Metal' Album Review

Dee Snider sounds amazing! For a man doing this for over 40 years, his voice still sounds great. He delivers vocally throughout the entire album. His lyrics are filled with passion and he sings it like he means it. While being very recognizable, for a singer to continue to deliver believable passion is great to hear this far into their career. I've seen several interviews with him recently and he seems very excited and into this album. "For the Love of Metal" is everything the title implies, fist in the air heavy metal anthems.

"For the Love of Metal" is not only a fantastic metal album, it is a fantastic album period. This time around Dee really put out a great cohesive effort, delivering nostalgia, while also keeping the songs diverse and interesting. From a personal stand point, that heavy yet melodic anthem is always a draw to me. I grew up during the rise of 80's metal and while there were plenty of bandwagon bands that were just jumping on the hype train, Dee was possibly the originator of rock n roll / metal anthems. If you are a fan of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider or just metal in general "For the Love of Metal" is a must have.

Lies Are A Business

Tomorrow's No Concern

I am The Hurricane

American Made

Roll Over You

I'm Ready

Running Mazes


Become The Storm

The Hardest Way

Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)

For The Love of Metal


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