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CHRISTILLOW 'Standing In The Rain' Album Review

Formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1988 by members Michael James Christillow (Vocals), Kenne Mettler (Guitar), Jessy Marks (Bass), Rod Taken (Drums), and David Guistwhite (Keyboards). CHRISTILLOW would quickly generate a buzz as they began playing the circuit up and down the East coast. Sharing bills with bands such as Loudness, Trixter, and a number of other touring bands of the time, CHRISTILLOW would prove to audiences that their brand of metallic melodic hard rock with hints of pomp had what it took to be a contender. Several radio interviews, along with much airplay, and lots of magazine coverage helped the band gain major label attention. Although the industry was foreseeing a change coming and holding many hard rock bands at bay. CHRISTILLOW like many bands who stuck to their guns and would not alter their sound for a new audience, they would await that deal that would never come. By 1992 it looked like there was no room for hard rock in the new musical climate and CHRISTILLOW called it a day. CHRISTILLOW would manage to record a 10 track demo that would be sent out to labels and sold great at shows. In years since the band’s disappearance, the recordings have become quite sought after by collectors who know of the band, the cassettes being nearly impossible to find these days. Their obscurity on the internet would only add to the mystique.


Christillow never reached the popularity of the bands like (Motley Crue, Poison or Ratt), however I think that may have just been a timing thing. The band and music had all the ingredients to make it big . "Standing in the rain" has a very strong sense of melody, which for me is a large part of what makes this album so great. Christillow also have a good sense of when to back off a bit; they break up the album with a few lighter tracks, keeping the flow of the album humming along at a perfect pace. A few of my favorite tracks from "Standing in the rain" are : Turn Me Loose Tonight - a great opener, gets things moving and doesn't waste time. The opening riff is killer, the vocals are great, gets things kicked off in a great way.

Standing in the rain - This is as good if not better then the previous, great riff, love the lyrics. it's a throwback song that you can imagine all over Mtv back in the day. A rocker from start to finish.

Little Angel Girl - This might be my favorite track on an album. The lead and backing vocals are great and the guitar work is just phenomenal. This is just a perfect track. If I was gonna recommend just one track to turn someone onto Christillow it would be "Little Angel Girl".

Heavens Gate - A wonderful acoustic instrumental with just a hint of a Randy Rhoads "Dee" Instrumental vibe.

If the band passed under your rader back in the day, I would highly recommend checking them out now. Heaven and Hell Records has just recently re-issued their music on Vinyl and cd. You can purchase the album by clicking HERE

Track List:

Turn Me Loose Tonight

The Climb

Heaven's Gate

Little Angel Girl

All I Want

Love Me Tonight

Standing in the Rain


Forever Gone

What Goes Around 03:25

Christillow is: Michael James Christillow (Vocals), Kenne Mettler (Guitar) Jessy Marks (Bass) Rod Taken (Drums) David Guistwhite (Keyboards)

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