CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD official video 'All The Pain' from the new album 'Struck By Lightnin

Captain Black Beard is a Swedish rock band that was formed back in 2009. Their debut "Hey Man" (2011) gained some fave rave reviews and the Sweish outfit continued with the albums "Before Plastic" and "It's A Mouthful". Nowadays and with a new record deal under their belt ,the band is back and sounds better than ever. The new album is entitled "Struck By Lightning" and features ten songs with a more melodic approach that the sure thing is that will gain more popularity. Captain Black Beard's newest effort is solid, powerful, modern and melodic. To be honest, I didn't find any filler or weak moment here. It's one of these records that are enjoyable from start to finish.


1. All The Pain

2. Perfect Little Clue

3. Believer

4. Picture Life

5. Gotta Go

6. Out Of Control

7. Dead End Street

8. Struck By Lightning

9. Nobody Like You

10. Straight Outta Hell


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