The New Wave Of Hair Metal Weekend News Report June 30, 2018

To TNWOHM fan's around the world,

Welcome back to another hair raisin' week in the genre of modern hair/sleaze/glam! There's new video/singles, updates, festivals, and much more from all of your favorite rockers! But before we can dive into that, I have to remind you all that the June video/single contest will be taking place on July 1st. If you're new here and you don't understand what I'm talking about, I'll explain: I take the video/singles that came out during June and you pick which one is your favorite. The top three winners will receive an award. The selections for this month are as following:

Dead Daniels - Karma

Denman - Higher (lyric video)

Disaster Machine - Go Baby

Kissin' Dynamite featuring Anna Brunner - Ecstasy (single)

Olli Herman - Tahdon Vann Ajaa

Sisters Doll - STRUTT

Stone Trigger - Death By Metal (single)

ToxicRose - The Fallen Ones (single)

I wanted to add Fallen Angels to the list but the video isn't available on YouTube and I never got the chance to really get it going.

🇫🇮The Local Band🇫🇮 band made a shocking announcement this week about Archie Cruz leaving the band to spend time working on his own music. The band wishes him the best, and has stated that their new full time bassist is Samy Elbanna from the Finnish thrash metal band, Lost Society. The news came as a bit of a shock to some fans. None the less, this is the end of an era, but also the start of a new one.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to give the world premiere of the new 🇦🇺Crosson🇦🇺 video "Hero" on June 27th. The video will be played throughout the month of July. Concerning their latest album "Invincible", it's been in the top 30 charts in Germany.

The four latest 🇸🇪Hardcore Superstar🇸🇪 singles will all be released on iTunes Japan on July 1st, and the "You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll" cd will be released in Japan on September 19th. Two live shows will be following in November. Tsutaya O-West, Tokyo on the 28th, and The Live House, Soma, Osaka on the 29th.

Quick bits:

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico):

🇺🇸Babylon Shakes🇺🇸 have tour dates posted for the month of July on their page. 🇺🇸Denman🇺🇸 will be at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville on July 7th. 🇺🇸Kickin' Valentina🇺🇸 will be at the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany on July 12th. 🇨🇦Love Razer🇨🇦 return to London, Ontario on July 14th for a show at the Eastside bar. 🇲🇽Sixteen🇲🇽 will be at the Gato Calavera in Mexico City on July 7th. 🇨🇦Sleazy Way Out🇨🇦 are opening for Sebastian Bach on July 2nd in Montreal! 🇺🇸Station🇺🇸 are heading back to Sonoma's in Maryland on July 21st. 🇺🇸Steel Panther🇺🇸 have been living on the road. They did Moscow on the 25th and tonight they're in the UK for the Ramblin' Man fair. 🇺🇸WICKED🇺🇸 wrapped up the mixing of their debut album. It is now being sent off to get mastered. 🇺🇸Wildstreet🇺🇸 are live at O'Connell's Irish pub tonight.

Northern Europe (Scandinavian & Nordic countries):

🇸🇪Blackout Express🇸🇪 will be at the Skenstafestivalen, Skenshyttan on July 12th. 🇸🇪Crazy Lixx🇸🇪 spent the week in the studio recording for album #6. They'll hit the stage again in Balingen, Germany on July 13th. 🇳🇴The Cruel Intentions🇳🇴 are returning back to Sweden on July 13th at the Harry B. James Crazy Nights rock club. Catalano will be flying in to open for them. They'll both be in Gothenburg on the 14th as well. These two shows are a "must attend" event. 🇸🇪Eclipse🇸🇪 are playing the Rockfest Barcelona on July 5th. 🇸🇪H.E.A.T.🇸🇪 are at the Chania Festival tonight. They'll be playing Rockfest in Barcelona as well on July 5th. 🇸🇪Lipz🇸🇪 played at the Harry B. James last night. The band is now a four piece since the announcement of Chris Y as their new bassist. 🇳🇴NiteRain🇳🇴 will be at the Cruefest at the Whisky in L.A. on July 28th.

🇫🇮Plastic Tears🇫🇮 will have "something new" next Friday. 🇫🇮Shiraz Lane🇫🇮 played the Tuska Open Air festival last night in Finland on the Inferno stage. They did a signing/meet & greet at the EMP tent afterwards. 🇫🇮Temple Balls🇫🇮 will be playing the Tuska Open Air festival this Sunday. 🇳🇴SUiCiDE BOMBERS🇳🇴 played the Odal Rock festival in Austvatn, Norway on June 28th. 🇳🇴Wildnite🇳🇴 also played the Odal Rock fest, but on the 29th.

United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:

There isn't much for news this week in the UK. And I have to be honest that this is an area that I'm not too familiar with. I don't hear much from UK sleaze bands in the U.S., and bands from there never inform me that they exist. But here is what I can tell you: 🇬🇧Bigfoot🇬🇧 will be at the S.O.S. festival on July 13th. And 🇬🇧DAMN DICE🇬🇧 will be playing on the 14th. 🇬🇧Midnite City🇬🇧 are playing the Seven Sins festival at the Hangar 18 venue on July 6th.

Western Europe:

🇨🇭Dizzy Fox🇨🇭 released a new single today. It's a bonus track titled "The Only One". It'll be played throughout the month of July. 🇩🇪Kissin' Dynamite🇩🇪 have a new single out titled "You're Not Alone". 🇩🇪Night Laser🇩🇪 are playing at the Rock am Pool Hengstfeld today. 🇨🇭Rusted Guns🇨🇭 are playing the Birrhard Rockt on the weekend of July 28th.

Eastern Europe, Baltic, and European Russia:

🇨🇿Bad Jokers Cream🇨🇿 played at the Arrows fest in Ostrava today. 🇱🇻Bloody Heels🇱🇻 did a free show at the Rokkafejnica last night. They are making their way to Scandinavia next week to play in Sweden at the Pub Anchor in Stockholm on the 5th, and then to the Norway Rock fest on the 7th.

🇨🇿Dead Daniels🇨🇿 are playing the 115th Harley-Davidson Anniversary party on July 5th in Prague. And if the translation button worked correctly, then I'm pretty sure that the 🇨🇿Hairy Groupies🇨🇿 are playing this event as well? It can be difficult translating different languages sometimes. 🇷🇺Stripped Guns🇷🇺 have a new logo for their band.

Mediterranean/Southern Europe:

🇮🇹17 Crash🇮🇹 will be having new t-shirts available on the 17 Crash fanpage soon. Keep a look out for them. 🇭🇷Animal Drive🇭🇷 are playing the Metal Fest Pula on July 6th. 🇮🇹Cream Pie🇮🇹 didn't play at the Hysteria club last night for reasons out of their control. They will try to reschedule it. 🇪🇸Erotic Psycho🇪🇸 will be doing the Can Mercader festival on July 14th. 🇮🇹Fallen Angels🇮🇹 new album "Every Priest Knows" is now available. 🇮🇹Hell In The Club🇮🇹 will be in Spain on July 1st. 🇪🇸Jolly Joker🇪🇸 played at the Sanctuary Burnley with the Sykko Dollz last night.

Australia, and New Zealand:

🇦🇺Black Alpine🇦🇺 & 🇦🇺Vicious Addiction🇦🇺 are doing the flood reunion party at the The Last Chance bar in Melbourne on July 7th. 🇦🇺Catalano🇦🇺 are heading to Sweden as mentioned earlier. 🇦🇺Dangerous Curves🇦🇺 will be at the Whole Lotta Love club on July 14th the THRS (The Hard Rock Show) Christmas In July party. 🇦🇺Snake Bite Whisky🇦🇺 are coming to the Voodoo Roadhouse in Guadalajara, Mexico on July 20th.

South America, Middle America, and the Caribbean Islands:

🇧🇷Inluzt🇧🇷 will be making an announcement for the release date of their debut album in the next week or so. 🇨🇷Sleazer🇨🇷 keyboardist, Claudio has left the band. They have decided to continue on without a keyboard player. The debut music video from 🇧🇷Tales From The Porn🇧🇷 arrives on July 7th!

South Africa/India/Japan/Asia/Middle Eastern:

🇿🇦L.A. Cobra🇿🇦 played at the Rumours Rock City last night in Randburg last night.

Video of the week (June 23 - June 30):

Dead Daniels - Karma

Up coming album releases (only one's with release dates will be mentioned):

July 6: Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

July 22: Denman - Raw Deal

August 24: Trench Dogs

September 21: The Cruel Intentions - No Sign Of Relief

September 21: Hardcore Superstar - You Can't Kill My Rock N' Roll

That is all of the news I have for this week. As always, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything. And if anything new pops up I'll do my best to share it.

Keep the hairspray coming, and crank the guitars to 11!!!

Tom - Admin/TNWOHM

Pictured: The Local Band, and as always, the background is Detroit Rock City!

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