Overkill 'Live In Overhausen' Album Review

Recorded and filmed in the German town of Oberhausen, Germany, Overkill pulled out two of their classic records! The first half of the release contains the band performing their entire 1991 classic, “Horrorscope”. The second half contains the band performing their 1985 debut, “Feel the Fire”.

Many bands seem to go downhill with latter day live performances and albums but Overkill sound as amazing as they did when they toured these killer records and they still regularly release amazing, heavy, quality albums. The production is awesome, the performance is flawless and the artwork is cool as hell ( just look at it). Worth every penny and a worthy addition to any metal collection.

All in all, this is a must buy for any Overkill fan. The band are in vintage form here and give a killer performance that more than deserves its place on CD/DVD and VINYL. Overkill's return to the fore has been remarkable and the band just keeps spitting fire release after release!

"Live In Overhausen" is available in different formats:

* 2 CD + Blu-ray Digipak * 2 CD + DVD Digipak * LP (Limited edition Splatter, Green, Black) * Feel The Fire (Live in Overhausen)

* Horrorscope (Live in Overhausen) * Mail-Order Edition

"Live In Overhausen" track listing:

01. Coma 02. Infectious 03. Blood Money 04. Thanx For Nothin' 05. Bare Bones 06. Horrorscope 07. New Machine 08. Frankenstein 09. Live Young Die Free 10. Nice Day - for a Funeral 11. Soulitude 12. Raise The Dead 13. Rotten To The Core 14. There's No Tomorrow 15. Second Son 16. Hammerhead 17. Feel The Fire 18. Blood And Iron 19. Kill at Command 20. Overkill 21. Fuck You


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