Michael Monroe 'Not Fakin' It' Album Review

"Not Fakin' It" is the second studio album by Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe, released in September 1989 through PolyGram Records

The album is Monroe's most commercially successful solo release to date, reaching No. 14 on the Finnish albums chart, No. 161 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and being certified gold in Japan.

The music video for "Dead, Jail or Rock 'N' Roll" featured Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose and received substantial rotation on MTV; it was later covered by the band Warrant for their 2002 album "Under the Influence".

Probably the best solo album to be released by Michael Monroe. "Not Fakin' It'", solidified Michael Monroe stepping out of the shadow and making peace with the ghost of Hanoi Rocks. Just about all the songs here on this album are catchy and seem made for radio friendly, but underneath that surface is an angst of youth but also a wisdom that only comes with age.

On songs like "Not Fakin' It', "While You Were Looking At Me" and the classic single "Dead Jail or Rock n Roll" you can hear the raw emotion in Monroe's voice, and that is something that no one can fake. All in all, "Not Fakin' It'" is in my opinion the best Michael Monroe solo album to date, and that is saying something since his last three releases have been killer from top to bottom. "Not Fakin' It' is undoubtadly one of the finest albums of the 80's.

If you haven't checked out Michael Monore in awhile, do yourself a favor and pick up one of his newer releases. The dude is still killing it, live and in the studio.


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