MADAM X 'Monstrocity' Album Review

2017 release, the long-awaited sophomore album from legendary Detroit hard rockers Madam X. Produced by Madam X at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester Hills, MI, and mixed by Michael Wagener (Megadeth, Metallica, Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne), with additional mixing by Mark Slaughter, Monstrocity is a hard-hitting classic metal/rock record sure to serve as a proper return to form for Madam X, and a kick in the ass for fans old and new. Madam X formed in 1981 by sisters Roxy and Maxine Petrucci. The band split when Roxy went on to join Vixen. Fast forward to 2017, when the Petrucci sisters return as Madam X. The album features 12 hard-hitting slabs of rock, including the pummeling title track 'Monstrocity', 'Resurrection', 'Nitrous', and an updated version of their 1984 hit 'High In High School.'

If you are a fan of Madam X, I think this album will shatter expectations. They take elements of what came before and throw in a little more angst. The band sounds pissed off, and ready to destroy everything in their path! The songs are great and the entire band shines throughout. From the guitars and bass to the drums everyone brings their A game and it shows. This album is a complete headbanger to the freaking end. My favorite songs are "Die Tryin'", "Monstrocity", "Freak Parade", "Wish You Away", and "Bride of Frankenstein". Every song is great, plenty of trademark Madam X anthems and a lot more! Plus the artwork is cool as hell. Buy this album! Rock's not dead!!


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