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Night Ranger 'Don't Let Up' Album Review

Night Ranger is one of the rare bands who's current music holds up to some of their biggest hits. Bottom line: this album just flat out rocks! Their multi-faceted vocal approach mixed with great melodies, stellar guitar leads and keyboard is still a great formula for rock success. And there is definitely an effort on Don’t Let Up to keep the ballads to a minimum – most of these tunes have a catchy vibe with an upbeat rhythm. And there is a bit more funk and blues “(Won’t Be Your) Fool Again” this time around as well. Gillis has some great solos, still showcasing skills and creativity that have not waned much over the course of 3 decades. The title track is a particular fave - especially the lyrics. If you liked or loved Night Ranger's recent albums - and especially if you haven't listened to them much since the 80's, Don't Let Up is definitely worth getting!

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