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LEATHüRBITCH stream 'Leathür And Lies' via Divebomb Records

Formed in southeast Portland, OR during the winter of 2015, LEATHÜRBITCH features a seasoned lineup of guitarists Patrick Sandiford (Inebriator, Slutvomit) and Sebastian Silva (Idle Hands, Silver Talon), Joel Stair (Children of Seraph, Voltanic) on vocals, drummer Meshach Babcöck (Maniak, Demons Bell), and Andrew Sylvia (Alpha Viper, Magnabolt) holding down the bass. Influenced by the likes of Neil Turbin era Anthrax, Savage Grace, Loudness, and many more, LEATHÜRBITCH is on a mission to bring the decadence, sleaze, and speed from the dark alleyways of Detroit and slimy streetcorners of Los Angeles back to the forefront with their self-described “Sleaze Speed Metal.”

Band Members

P. Sandiford - Guitar S. Silva - Guitar M. Babcöck - Drums A. Sylvia - Bass J. Stair - Vocals

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