PLASTIC TEARS 'Angels With Attitude' Album Review

Finnish street rock pioneers Plastic Tears releases their third album "Angels with Attitude" through German City Of Lights Records on June 1st 2018.

What can I say? Every song is great, not a dull moment to be had. These guys just have great style, and the music just flows smoothly, every song is incredibly catchy, and the lyrics are great. Soundwise, these guys are a direct cross between the 70s glam and punk scene, and 80s sleaze, with a whole lot of Hanoi Rocks thrown in for good measure. The highlights of the album include ’Secret Society’, ‘Blue Angel’, ‘Dark Passenger’, ‘Midnight Date’, ‘Rhythm Rider’, ‘Miss Stumbling Legs’, 'Irs Kick' and ‘Headless Army’. Thats almost every song, the songs I didnt mention are also pretty damn good.

If you've never had the chance to check out Plastic Tears in the last 20 years, then this is a perfect place to start. If you are a fan of rock, punk, metal, or any kind of music, I don't see how you wouldn’t love this album.

1.Dark Passenger

2.Secret Society

3.Iris Kick

4.Midnight Date

5.Rhythm Rider

6.Nuclear Nights

7.Blue Angel

8.Day by Day

9.Headless Army

10.Miss Stumbling Legs

11.Universal Kid


Plastic Tears is a rock band from Helsinki, Finland.

Plastic Tears career has been colorful. The band history includes break-ups, several lineups, record company changes and drama enough for a soap opera.

The bands musical influences comes from classic rock and punk, not to forget 70's glam rock. Lords of the New Church, Alice Cooper, Slade, Blondie, Hanoi Rocks, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Smack, New York Dolls, Dogs D’amour, Cheap Trick and Rolling Stones can be mentioned.

Plastic Tears previous album "Nine Lives Never Dies" made an impression on fans and critics alike, and gathered good reviews around the world.

Third album "Angels With Attitude" is set for release on 1.6.2018 through German City of Lights Records.

Miqu December - vocals

Eco Xtasy - drums

Andy Whitewine - guitar

Edu Kettunen - bass

Juha Pietiläinen - guitar



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