Stryper 'God Damn Evil' Album Review

I love the old stuff, but honestly, I think they’ve gotten better with age - they've honed their craft, they're better musicians, and song writers, and there not just re-hashing the same song ideas over and over. The guitar work is fantastic, Robert's drumming is dead on, and Sweet's vocals are better than they've ever been.

If your already a fan of Stryper, there’s no possible way you won’t love this album. If you’ve never been a fan , then maybe now is the time to give the band a chance.

The Highlights from “God Damn Evil”

Take It To The Cross - Long, building intro leads into a rocking riff and and some slamming’ drums. Great way to start the album!

There was a bit of controversy following the release of this track as the first single,with the chorus screaming "Take it to the cross! Take it to the cross! Take it to the cross!" coming off as almost a speed metal thing, but after a few listen it just gets stuck in your head, and you just learn to like it.

Lost - Upbeat tempo, with a killer groove. The chorus features a lot of Michael Sweet’s signature falsetto that gives it a nice full sound. The band also lays down a killer guitar solo on this track.

God Damn Evil - Opens with a classic Sweet scream! The playing is on point. The chorus has some killer backing vocals that fit this song perfectly.

You Don't Even Know Me - Opening riff definetly reminds me of classic Styper. Sweet's vocals thruought are excellent. One of the best songs on the album.

They Valley - Very cool Old-School Metal intro, continued into the verses, which just sets the entire song up as another great rocker

Beautiful - Stryper could always belt out a great power ballad. Great rocking riff that keeps things from slowing down to much. Nice vocal melody, and another great solo.

My favorite tracks: The Valley, God Damn Evil, You Don't Even Know Me, Lost, although I really think there is something to love about every track.


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